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[Column] Spring calls

The airplane got the engine turned on. I was looking around in the plane, where I boarded almost the first time in my life. My mobile phone rang in my

Food contamination Sea contamination

Soma city recommends evacuees to consume fish and mushroom

Soma city in Fukushima recommends evacuees to eat fish and mushroom to take vitamin D. From their survey conducted from 7 ~ 10. 2012, 65.5 % of 197 evacuees were

Sea contamination

[Express] “Salt made from Fukushima seawater sold in western Japan”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> I couldn’t help looking twice during the shopping. It reads “Salt made from seawater of Iwaki Fukushima” “Salt content 1/2”


Evacuee from Futabamachi, “Something yellow fell from the sky like large flakes of snow after explosion”

  On 3/14/2013, Greenpeace held a meeting of Fukushima victims in the Diet Members’ Office Building of the House of Councilors. Ms. Sawagami is an eyewitness of the accident. She


Over 8,000 Bq/Kg measured from 18 schools in Yokohama

↑ Yokohama Arena (I was living in 5 mins from there by car) According to Yokohama city councilor Inoue, over 8,000 Bq/Kg of radioactive cesium was measured from 18 schools

Effects to be confirmed

News caster Otsuka to be hospitalized again for recurring acute lymphatic leukemia

News caster Otsuka was hospitalized for acute lymphatic leukemia in 11. 2011. He was having Fukushima vegetables for the campaign of “Support by eating” so it was suspected to have


23 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from tea powder in Shizuoka

According to MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), 23 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from tea powder produced in Shizuoka prefecture. Shizuoka is one of the largest tea-producing areas.