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[Column] Label without cause

When I was in early 20s, I was only thinking about how to make myself look good, talented, and promised. but now I only think about what I could do

Natural disasters

M4.8 hit near Tokyo offshore

M4.8 occurred Chiba south offshore. Scale 2~3 was monitored in Tokyo.     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Séisme M4,8 au large proche de Tokyo  

Sea contamination

Tepco to discharge underground water via bypass to the sea this April

  On 2/28/2013, the current Fukushima plant chief Takahashi stated Tepco is going to discharge underground water to the sea this April at the earliest. 400 tones of underground water

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Another decontamination worker died in Fukushima

  Around 18:00 of 2/28/2013, a decontamination worker (54) died in Kawauchi mura Fukushima. The reason is not reported. At 16:15, the decontamination worker from Iwaki city suddenly fell down


[Express] Oshidori “had fever of over 38℃ for 4 times this year already”

Independent journalist / comedian Oshidori is having health problems. Fukushima Diary wrote the column about them on 2/24/2013. [URL]   <Translate> Me and my husband had fever yesterday suddenly. He


Mr. Yamamoto Taro’s mother moved abroad

Actor / activist, Yamamoto Taro tweeted his mother has been sick since Osaka started incinerating debris. (cf, [Express] Yamamoto Taro “Since Osaka started incinerating debris, my mother has been sick”

Contaminated water crisis Misinformation Sea contamination

Tepco started propaganda to downplay the risk of Tritium for discharging contaminated water to the sea

Tepco is planning to discharge the contaminated water to the sea. To ease the repellence of local residents and stakeholders, Tepco is going to operate ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System),