Reactor2 temperature jumped up by 120℃ within 12 hours

The temperature of reactor2 is almost reaching 265℃.

The thermometer attached on the upper part of RPV2 recorded the rapid increase of temperature from 143.4℃ to 262.3℃, when was from 23:00 of 2/15/2013 to 11:00 of 2/16/2013.

On 2/10/2013, Fukushima Diary reported the temperature of bottom part of RPV was reaching 250℃. Now it is 284.4℃.

According to Tepco, both of the thermometers are supposed to be disordered.


Reactor2 temperature jumped up by over 100℃ within 12 hours




Français :

La température du réacteur 2 est montée de 120 °C en 12 heures


La température du réacteur 2 atteint presque les 265 ℃.

Le thermomètre fixé dans la partie supérieure de la RPV2 (enceinte principale de confinement du réacteur 2) a enregistré une montée rapide de la température de 143,4 °C à 262,3 °C, à partir de ce 15 février 2013 à 23:00 et jusqu’à 11:00 le lendemain.

Le 10 février 2013, le Fukushima Diary rapportait que la température de la partie basse de la RPV atteignait les 250 ℃. A présent elle est à 284,4 °C.

Selon Tepco, les deux thermomètres sont soi-disant en panne.

La température du réacteur 2 est montée de 120 °C en 12 heures

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4 Responses to “Reactor2 temperature jumped up by 120℃ within 12 hours”

  1. Preco says:

    That is only nuclear chain reaction in progress

  2. Michael says:

    If the thermometers are broken they should be removed and replaced by new ones. There are more than two rows showing increasing temperatures in the list, in fact four.
    Somethings brewing, that´s obvious.

  3. IntelAgent says:

    ??? A lot of questions come to mind as to why… But irregardless, that is fission none the less. My undestanding is the moderator rods “were” made of a high silver content alloy and also they don’t exist. I have complete confidence that there is no control whatsoever of these most imperiled reactors and fuel pools 1 through 4 forever more, no control should have, did , and will continue to make the site escalating prohibitive.
    The future evolution/conclusion= full Site fission event ie; “nuclear inferno”. That is what is currently guaranteed. Why? There is cooling “not guaranteed, not failsafe, not unmanned, not perfect, not robust etc mfr’s” but no control. The only way out of the the current hypothesized conclusion is control over fission in such powerful beasts as 100 ton reactor cores that are made to fission, whether in a proper reactor core geometry or in a puddle. The key is control, Japan, you have none. This also PROVES no lead/tin was put into any cores as a neutron poison thereby giving man control to stop the fission. /Also proves Not in Cold Shutdown “Japan thinks that 100c or under qualifies”. Want to live??? Leave japan. You don’t have a choice…nor a chance. PROVEN!
    Fukushima 1234 goes, then so does reactors 5 and 6 then so will go daini=4reactors with fuel pools. Guaranteed yield of emissions all fissionable materials on both sites, no control guarantees it. Bet on it + leave.

    • Nycsteve says:

      IntelAgent – very well said, indeed… just add a sentence about the effects of saltwater on pipes and controls, and you would be perfect (apologize for suggesting) analysis.

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