[Column] Why stray dogs can’t take over the metropolis

When I left LA, I bought my suitcase. I chose the toughest one for the long way to go.
When I left NY, I bought my shoes. I chose the toughest ones for the same reason.

Notebook, wallet, mobile phone, I chose the toughest ones for the same reasons.
but you can’t change your soul.

I don’t think I’m more vulnerable than everyone, but sometimes I’m shocked to see how different the things are from Japan.

I was drinking coffee at the cafe. (FYI it’s 20 cent)
A puppy corgi jumped into my sight. It was a stray dog.

Two other stray dogs came to the puppy corgi. These two dogs have been living there for a long time. The bus stop has become their house. They have the stable supply of food by the gypsy woman.
The two dogs are large shepherds. Only Shepherd type of dogs can survive in this situation.

At the beginning, the two were only barking, but the puppy didn’t seem to understand anything.
I didn’t understand anything either. I haven’t seen the dog before. Where is it from ?
Maybe because of the fear, the puppy sometimes fell down and peed as walking.
It still tried to come to the “adult” dogs with the tail shaking, but the fretted two large shepherds jumped on the puppy corgi and bit.

The little corgi was bitten and scratched by large two shepherds.
I was thinking of buying him canned food and find someone to look after soon as I finished my coffee but I was too late.

When I got out of the shop, I couldn’t see the little corgi. It wasn’t even under the parked cars. The big shepherds were sleeping with food.

Corgi type of dog won’t survive. but I couldn’t see him walking on the edge of death. Life is unfair.

If I were one of the shepherds, I would have recruited the corgi. It was cute. It would attract young women to feed more to themselves. 3 is warmer than 2 in winter season too.

I want to believe human is more logical than the dogs. I believe in humanity.
What makes us different from dogs is the mind to share, corporate, inspire each other and sympathize in the more flexible definition of group. We have been improving by taking different talents in. We can hedge risks and take more chance because we all do different things with different abilities. but now the world looks like it’s becoming like the shepherds. The society without diversity will die soon.

For the rest of the world, the alternative media including Fukushima Diary might look like the corgi. It can be easily lynched by major media. but it can appeal to different groups of people. With the corgi or without the corgi, which way would be more beneficial to the entire world ?

I’m imagining how the corgi would grow up if it managed to survive.



Français :

[Édito] Pourquoi les chiens errants ne peuvent pas gouverner la métropole


Quand j’ai quitté LA, j’ai emporté ma valise. J’ai choisi la meilleure pour ce long voyage.
Quand j’ai quitté NY, j’ai acheté mes chaussures. J’ai choisi les meilleures pour la même raison.

Ordinateur portable, mallette, téléphone mobile, j’ai choisi les meilleurs pour la même raison..
mais on ne change pas son âme.

Je ne pense pas être plus vulnérable que quiconque mais parfois je suis troublé de voir à quel point les choses sont vue différemment depuis le Japon.

Je buvais un café au café. (Pour info, c’est 20 cents)
Un chiot corgi m’a sauté aux yeux. C’était un chien errant.

Deux autres chiens errants l’ont rejoint. Ces deux chiens doivent vivre là depuis longtemps. L’arrêt de bus est devenu leur maison. Ils sont nourris régulièrement par la bohémienne.
Les deux chiens sont des grands chiens de berger. Seuls les bergers peuvent survivre dans une telle situation.

Au début, les deux se contentaient d’aboyer mais le chiot semblait ne rien comprendre.
Je ne comprenais rien moi non plus. Je n’avais pas encore vu ce chier. D’où sort-il ?
Sans toute par peur, le chiot tombait parfois et gémissait tout en marchant.
Il essayait toujours de rejoindre les chiens “adultes” en remuant la queue mais les deux grands chiens agacés ont sauté sur le jeune corgi et l’ont mordu.

Le petit corgi a été mordu et griffé par les deux bergers.
Je pensais lui acheter une boîte et trouver quelqu’un pour s’occuper de lui après avoir fini mon café mais c’était trop tard.

Quand je suis sorti du café, je ne voyais plus le petit corgi. Il n’était pas sous les voitures garées. Les deux bergers dormaient à co^té de la nourriture.

Les corgi ne peuvent pas survivre. mais je ne pouvais pas le laisser errer aux frontières de la mort. La vie est injuste.

Si j’avais été un des bergers j’aurais recruté le corgi. Il était mignon. Il aurait attiré les jeunes femmes et ça leur aurait apporté plus à manger à eux. A 3 on a plus chaud qu’à 2 en hiver également.

Je veux croire que les humains sont plus logiques que les chiens. Je crois en l’humanité.
Ce qui nous rend différents des chiens, c’est l’esprit de partage, l’entreprise, se motiver les uns les autres et sympathiser est la définition du groupe la plus flexible. On s’améliore en incorporant différents talents. On peut se protéger des risques et avoir plus de chances parce qu’on fait tous des choses différentes avec des aptitudes différentes. mais à présent le monde a l’air de devenir comme ces bergers. La société mourra rapidement sans diversité.

Pour le reste du monde, la presse alternative dont le Fukushima Diary peuvent ressembler au corgi. Elle peut facilement se faire lyncher par la grande presse mais elle peut interpeller différents groupe de gens. Avec ou sans le corgi, quel sera le chemin le plus profitable au monde entier ?

J’essaye d’imaginer comment le corgi pourrait grandir s’il arrive à survivre.

  1. ” … . I believe in humanity.” …

    Humanity also contained the worse criminals .

    Iori , you’re a nice sensitive person but in all fairness that statement would requier a drastic DNA trimming of the human genome .

    If good is better than bad than let only That DNA flourish .

    So let’s say ” I believe in a DNA trimmed humanity ” , aka H+/Transhumanism which recognizes that we are what our DNA is , including the mass murderes .

    Let that day come when the vast population will demand H+ !
    But it didn’t come in thousands of years .
    But we Did selectively bred dogs …

    1. DNA is an information storage system. It’s storage capacity is beyond mind-boggling.

      The information in genomes is staggeringly complex. It is also immaterial. It cannot arise by naturalistic processes.

      It takes protein to make DNA, and it takes DNA to make protein. Inside the so-called simple cell, enzymes, made by proteins and DNA, speed up reactions that would otherwise go so slow as to never happen. DNA itself, not to mention all the information programmed into it, point to an infinite, omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, spiritual Creator, aka God.

      If you doubt this, you should get and study a copy of Werner Gitt’s DVD, “In the Beginning Was Information”.

      Information science, probability, genetics, and cellular biology have absolutely devastated Darwinism in the last ten years. It is only by ignorance or wilfil ignorance and wilful decision to by fiat rule out God, that people are able to ignore this.

      That Creator will hold individuals responsible for their own evil in this world. He also made a way of grace, Himself, to satisfy that justice and avoid that punishment, and have eternal life.

  2. Dear Iori Mochizuki,
    Do you have a U.S. mail site? Don’t want to get your hopes up for a donation, but I would like to send you a bit of encouragement.


    Nancy Coleman

  3. lori, i cannot believe how little is reported about fukushima in the US. it is shocking to me that japanese children are getting sicker and sicker every day and will eventually die, as will the parents and others. what is the world going to do, sit here and watch an entire population of persons die slowly and not do anything to help? that is sick and in my eyes, criminal. anytime i bring up the subject, i am viewed as a nut or a crazy person. i can’t help but to feel that most people will ignore the fact until it is too late. then they will point fingers and blame others for not doing something. i really question if that is the type of society that i would want to be a part of. i’ve read these reports lately that in order to view a situation critically that is dangerous or hazardous to your life, that you have to be depressed. i don’t buy that. i am beginning to think that people just don’t care. it has been almost 2 years. how much longer can we wait. i feel disgust at the level of disinterest in the welfare of other humans most people have. if i had the means to go south of the equator and open a place that could be a refuge for the children, i would do it in a minute. and to be honest, i am getting to the point where i really could care less about the adults (from anywhere), they are really just too caught up in their own lives and can not be bothered to even investigate the situation.. people i thought were my real friends, find it easier to call me crazy than to sit at a computer for a half hour looking for themselves. the information is out there, why? because it is easier for them that way… but to let anything happen to those beautiful children, my heart is breaking everyday.

    1. Hey Laurie, i’ll keep my eyes and ears out for a philanthropist to buy us a place where we can bring refugees to! I’d be into South America, or maybe somewhere in Africa?May sound like fantasy, and maybe it is, but i am also serious. And if i can’t believe in a little magic or fantasy any more, then it really ain’t worth it. And really, there are people that have the money or resources, and at least a few must still have a Heart. We just need to find them. Then figure out the legal crap and technicalities. Maybe find people who would be interested, pooled onto a blog and networking, like starting here… what better use for our massive communications technology???

      Yes, apathy, repetition, “intentional” ignorance, narcissism, “not my problem, pass it on…”, what i call a collective turning-away… i can barely stand it any more. I used to hear that fear is the biggest enemy of humanity, but now it’s looking like apathy and too much comfort or luxuries (to be defended at all costs) are.
      There’s that Ray LaMontagne song where he sings “How come i can’t tell the free world from a living hell? How come… How come all i see is a child of God in misery?…”
      How did humans get to be this way??! Or more importantly, how can we change this???

      Otherwise, i don’t see that humans can make it too much longer as a collective on this planet. Wouldn’t be the first mass extinction.
      “Welcome to the new age… i’m radioactive” – that’s from the new Imagine Dragons song.

  4. Well that left a knot in my throat. I’m worried about the corgi now!

    Can I just also echo what laurie steele says, you do get a sense of betrayal when people you care about try to imply you’ve somehow lost it; when if they would just google the situation for themselves, they would see where you’re “getting all this from”……..
    That said, I remember my dad calling the Faslane protestors “nuts” because they were protesting outside the nuclear sub base and a politician cuffed himself to the gates of the base and was carried off by the police, the most impassioned action I’ve ever seen any politician engage in.

    There’s a hysterical nature not just to protests but also to the affected incredulity of the ignorant.

    It’s a complete mystery to me how there are so few public figures at all betraying an interest in the fate of Japan. My question also is, how much longer CAN it go on? It’s clearly infiltrated Tokyo city which now has comparable contamination levels to the Chernobyl evacuation zone.
    What is going on????

    Is this what governments of compacted populations do, then? Just ignore radiation contamination? I live in tiny crowded Britain. If anything happens here, we are completely screwed.

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