[Column] To live one second longer

20,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from soil in front of Harajuku station.

This is 200 times much as the safety limit before 311.
Cyanobacteria in soil concentrates radioactive material. Probably the sample contains extremely high level of uranium, strontium etc as well.
The more time passes, the more it concentrates.

The picture of the location was shocking to me. I used to sit down and have hotdog there. I used to go there to buy clothes almost every weekend.
The reporter commented the soil contamination is terrible from that place to Omotesando.
Omotesando is where posh cafe and apparel shops are located, popular among young people. It’s kinda like SOHO area of NYC.
When something or someone you know personally turned out to be irradiated, you associate it with yourself and are shocked more.
Not to mention, real estate of Omotesando, lands and buildings are almost the most expensive in the world. In order to avoid the depreciation, the governments will do everything to hide the fact of contamination.
I actually had to be determined to post the picture. The reporter would have been more determined. I can imagine. We are potentially causing the enormous economic loss.

The funny thing is we are doing the right thing.

We must take risk to be morally right. What the world ?
Most of them chose to keep the economic value to sacrifice our lives.
Some of them even know they are already too late to leave. but still there are a few people to insist on moving.
If they remain there, they might die of leukemia for 70%. If they leave, it might become 69.99%.
They say, it’s only 0.01%.
but those few people find the infinite value in the 0.01%.
Mathematically speaking, If your life has infinite value, 0.01% of the infinite value also has infinite value. QED
This is why we don’t give up.
You may say it’s quality, not quantity.

When I was 16, my grandma died. She died 15 mins before I arrived at the hospital. The 15 mins of life would have had the infinite value that never depreciate.
Every moment of your life is miracle. This is why we are to live for the moment.
Remember, if you live for 1 second longer, it would be the brightest hope for someone else.




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[Édito] Vivre une seconde de plus


On a relevé 20 000 Bq/kg de césium au sol en face de la gare de Harajuku.
C’est 200 fois la limite de sécurité d’avant le 11-3.
Les cyanobactéries du sol concentre la radioactivité. L’échantillon contenait sans doute aussi de hauts niveaux d’uranium, strontium etc.

Plus le temps passe, plus ça se concentre.

La photo de  l’endroit m’a choqué. J’avais l’habitude de m’asseoir là pour manger un hot-dog. J’avais l’habitude d’y aller pratiquement tous les week-ends pour acheter des fringues.
Le reporter disait que la contamination du sol est terrible depuis cet endroit jusqu’à Omotesando.
Omotesando, c’est l’endroit où il y a le posh café et le magasin apparel, célèbres chez les jeunes. c’est un peu comme le quartier de SOHO à New-York.

Lorsque quelque chose ou quelqu’un que vous connaissez personnellement se révèle irradié, on l’associe avec soi-même et on en est encore plus choqué.
Il va sans dire que la valeur réelle d’Omotesando, terres et bâtiments, est des plus chers au monde.  Pour en éviter la dépréciation, Les  gouvernements vont tout faire pour en cacher la contamination réelle.
J’ai vraiment du être déterminé pour publier la photo. Le reporter a du l’être plus encore. Je peux imaginer. Nous allons potentiellement provoquer une énorme perte économique.

Le plus amusant, c’est qu’on fait la seule chose à faire.

On doit prendre le risque d’être moralement juste.
Et les autres ?
La plupart d’entre eux ont choisi de sacrifier leur vie pour garder leurs biens matériels.
Certains d’entre eux savent déjà qu’il leur est trop tard pour partir mais il en reste quelques uns insistant pour l’exode.
S’ils restent là, ils ont 70 % de chances de mourir de leucémie. S’ils partent ça peut descendre à 69,99 %.
Ils disent que c’est seulement 0,01 %.
mais ces gens sentent la valeur infinie de ces 0,01 %.
Pour parler mathématiquement, si votre vie a une valeur infinie, 0,01% de cette valeur infinie est aussi une valeur infinie. CQFD
C’est pour ça qu’on n’abandonne pas.
On peut dire que c’est en qualité, pas en quantité.

Ma grand-mère est morte quand j’avais 16 ans. Elle est morte 15 mins avant que j’arrive à l’hôpital. Ces 15 mins de vie auraient eu la valeur infinie qui ne se déprécie jamais.
Chaque moment de votre vie est un miracle. C’est pourquoi nous devons vivre le moment.
Rappelez-vous, si vous vivez 1 seconde de plus, ce peut être le plus grand espoir pour quelqu’un d’autre.

  1. Well written Lori, and so true. Every second of our lives count, if not to us, then to the friends and loved ones around us.

  2. Yes, it is shocking to see the photo of Harajuku station. Even though we knew — we need to be told again and again, to see photos, make it seem real. But almost everyone I know in Japan is in complete denial. I know someone who just opened a bar in Tokyo. I know people getting pregnant. I am like the weirdo, the depressing one, the fussy one. Life has become completely surreal.

    1. feeling that also, here in U.S. I don’t even talk to people about it lest they ask. you’d best hold on to your truth. it will help others by and by

      1. ditto, in canada. (screw captalization, a corporation doesn’t deserve my reverence)

        “I don’ even talk to people about it lest they ask”

        I tell people openly. I will tell complete strangers in a grocery store as they reach for Asian seafood; not children, though.

        “Remember the upcoming anniversary of what happened two years ago”
        Most return a blank stare and “what happened two years ago?”
        “Why, the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima, of course. The emmissions haven’t stopped, you know”, i often respond.

        Usually i get “The Look” (of ignorance). “But government says it is safe” is one retort i might hear, to which i reply “they said smoking was safe; what is different in this case? Follow the money.”

        Often, they will choose to put the seafood in their cart anyway, after a pause. It is that pause where they momentarily consider what was said. There, the seed has been planted.

        “U.S. Army General Dwight D. Eisenhower made a deliberate visit to the Ohrdruf concentration camp in order to witness personally the evidence of Nazi atrocities. He urged others to see the camps directly, lest “the stories of Nazi brutality” be forgotten or dismissed as “merely propaganda.””

        It may take a similar effort to ensure that the Holocaust in Japan not be subject to “greenwashing” or other propaganda any more.

  3. ” …When I was 16, my grandma died. She died 15 mins before I arrived at the hospital. The 15 mins of life would have had the infinite value that never depreciate … “.

    That being said , What are WE doing about the Futility of life ?? NADA !

    The scientists are screaming in our headlines about on-going Stem Cell lines that can be maintained for ‘ever’ just as the cancerous cell multiply eternely .

    HELLO !! We have at least two good examples of imortality … in our bodies !!! HELLO !! But there is nobody home …

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