The first floor of the steel framing of reactor4 cover was completed

On 1/14/2013, Tepco completed the steel framing cover of reactor4 for fuel removal.

The first floor of the steel framing of reactor4 cover was completed


Français :

Le premier étage de l’infrastructure d’acier devant couvrir le réacteur 4 est terminé.

Le 14 janvier 2013, Tepco a terminé le premier étage de la charpente métallique pour le retrait des combustibles du réacteur 4.

Le premier étage de l'infrastructure d'acier devant couvrir le réacteur 4 est terminé.

  1. The huge size of those beams say they expect furter explosions or/and a major earthquake .

    But if that’s so , shouldn’t they expect as well the colapse of the Spent Fuel Pool , the water to drain and a start of Chernobyl-like nuclear fires ? We’ll see if they will install Water Pipes and Water Nozels on those beams as a preparation . If not , we’ll have something to speculate about …

  2. One level in almost 2 years. I hope the next 3 levels are installed faster so TEPCO can finally mitigate the danger here.

  3. lol. Joke mitigation at work. In some sense, better than nothing, though if greater urgency were made known, more lives would be safe. In this sense, Japan is like China. Lives are like dimes and nickels.

  4. The whole proposed new structure seems unstable , ready to topple , the size of those beams hanging over the SFP must put a lot of pull on the rest of the new structure that seats on the ground .

    Which brings us to how they fastened those huge beams to the existing pavement ? For such size one needs a Foundation of pilons but we didn’t see that . Is the new structure mounted on the ground using just bolts ?

    If that’s the case I bet the new stucture will topple on top of the SFP during a M8 because of the bolts being sheared ( the shear/scissor action acts on the weaker , cross section , of the special airplane-grade bolts ) .
    Iori , you are a civil engineer , what do you think ?

  5. Perhaps I am missing something here? Do I not recall that the ground under Number 4 Fuel Pool is subsiding, that it had subsided more than 80 cm some months ago and that is was still subsiding?
    So how does layering huge girders on either the building or the land that supports the land (poorly) help the situation, exactly?
    True, I am not an engineer so I may very well be missing something vitally important. It would really help me out if someone would explain it clearly and simply so that it actually made sense to increase the weight on failing terrain by a huge amount.
    Of course, all of this is only important because if the fuel pool collapses (as it may well do faster with extra weight on the ground there) the cataclysmic impact for the entire Northern Hemsphere (and planet) is beyound horrifying.
    Thanks in advace for the clarification.
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

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