The count of influenza cases per medical institution is the highest in Fukushima all around in Japan

According to National Institute of Infectious Diseases, influenza cases has been rapidly increasing in every prefecture since the beginning of 2013. The count of influenza cases per medical institution is 22.58 in this week, which had a huge jump from 12.07 of last week.
The highest count of influenza cases per medical institution is Fukushima (38.63). Ibaraki (36.18), Gunma (35.66), Nagasaki (34.50), Chiba (34.17), Fukuoka (32.92), Saitama (32.13), Tochigi (32.08) are to follow. 5 of 7 those prefectures are known to be hotspot.


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Français :

Le nombre de cas de grippe par institution médicale est le plus haut à Fukushima, pour tout le Japon
Selon l’Institut National des Maladies Infectieuses, les cas de grippe augmentent rapidement dans toutes les préfectures depuis le début de 2013. Le nombre de cas de grippe par institution médicale est de 22,58 cette semaine, ce qui représente un énorme bond par rapport aux 12,07 de la semaine dernière.
Le record de cas de grippe par institution médicale est pour Fukushima (38,63). Ibaraki (36,18), Gunma (35,66), Nagasaki (34,50), Chiba (34,17), Fukuoka (32,92), Saitama (32,13), Tochigi (32,08) viennent ensuite. 5 de ces 7 préfectures sont des points chauds notoires.

Article lié : Grosse épidémie de grippe à Fukushima, “Ils étaient tous vaccinés” [Lien]





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6 Responses to “The count of influenza cases per medical institution is the highest in Fukushima all around in Japan”

  1. Dan says:

    Anyone thinking that maybe the norovirus and influenza viruses have been mutated by radiation and our immune systems are being caught by surprise with bugs they haven’t seen before?

  2. pat b says:

    not a big variation,

    tochigi is 32, fukushima is 38., now the national average is 22, and we are seeing some cities
    with 50% more.

    if the listed cities are all in the fallout pattern then that’s something interesting.

    well few people die of the flu.

    The bigger killer is pnuemonia

  3. TechDud says:

    Is this a coincidence? No.

    This phenomenon has been publically noted on this side of the Pacific, as more elderly take ill and die “from” influenza. Sadly, the “prescription” is officially to take a “vaccine” which (iirc) was for completely different strains. Nobody seems to connect the increase in the white “scale” in our water supply that wasn’t present pre-Fukushima to our currently emerging ill-health and giganticism (one cell at a time).

    The local Provincial medical authority backed down on demands for ALL nurses in the province of BC to either be vaccinated, or wear masks, after nurses started making their concerns about vaccine safety and effectiveness public.

    They have, are, and will betray all of us unto death.

    I thank you, Mochizuki-san, for helping open my eyes. A deep humble bow, to you sir.

    • TechDud says:

      “The nurses stepped up their fight Wednesday by citing a letter in a Vancouver daily newspaper written by a doctor associated with the Cochrane Collaboration.

      The nurses say the respected group has “shredded” the credibility of the reasons Kendall put forward to justify the policy and the nurses have launched a grievance over the issue.”

      quoted from:

      “There has also been more than four times the number of flu-related hospitalizations from long-term care facilities than in a typical flu season. Flu-related visits to Fraser Health emergency departments are at the highest level in years.”

      quoted from:

      Another publication stated that this years total has surpassed that of the past three years combined.

      “Double whammy of severe flu strain and norovirus hits B.C.”

      “He said he couldn’t provide exact numbers of seniors who have died so far since seniors in long-term facilities are passing away all the time for different reasons.

      As soon as two or three residents come down with a serious respiratory illness, a care facility will typically start all the residents on anti-influenza medication to try to minimize serious illness or death.

      “In tracking the death rate, we see it is four times the rate (of previous years),” he said.

      It’s a different story in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, where flu cases are higher than average but within a normal range.”

      quoted from:

    • TechDud says:

      Kelowna, BC
      “The average age of people in long-term care homes is 83. Some are close to death, so they’re at high risk of succumbing to the H3N2 flu. Elderly people who are healthy shouldn’t be alarmed by that, Barss said.
      “We don’t even know if it’s cause or effect.”
      By contrast, the Fraser Health Authority says there have been twice as many flu outbreaks so far this winter as during the past three years combined, and three times as many people have died in residential-care homes.
      About 120 people in Interior care homes and doctor’s offices have tested positive for the flu this season.”

      quoted from:

    • TechDud says:

      quoted from the above article in the Kelowna Daily Courier:
      “Barss said this year’s strain isn’t necessarily more virulent. Still, it appears to be more pervasive. He encourages people to get the flu shot if they haven’t already since four to six weeks remain in the flu season.
      “I understand the vaccine contains the appropriate strain of virus and seems to be protective,” he said.”

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