French NHK announcer fired after evacuation following French governmental instruction

On 1/15/2013, Emmanuelle Bodin, Former NHK Announcer had a press conference at FCCJ.

“Emmanuelle Bodin, a longstanding resident of Japan, she decided to follow the instructions of the French Government on March 13th to temporarily leave Tokyo after the first explosions at the Fukushima plant. Shortly after taking this leave of absence, however, Bodin was dismissed by broadcaster NHK after over 20 years of dedicated service.
Bodin says before returning home she got the all clear from her managers at NHK and took steps to ensure her work would be covered. So she was astonished when she received a termination letter on March 22nd. As a broadcaster for the French Section of Radio Japan since 1990 she believes she was entitled to better treatment, and she is going to court to fight her case.
She and her lawyer will argue that NHK unilateral termination — under undeniably difficult circumstances — was unfair.


Her lawsuit is likely to be a test case for hundreds of similar dismissals and will be watched closely.”



Français :

Une présentatrice française licenciée pour avoir suivi l’ordre d’évacuation du gouvernement français

Le 15 janvier 2013, Mme Emmanuelle Bodin, ex-présentatrice sur NHK a tenu une conférence de presse au FCCJ.

“Emmanuelle Bodin, qui a longtemps résidé au Japon, avait décidé de suivre les instructions du gouvernement français du 13 mars qui disaient de quitter temporairement Tokyo après les premières explosions à la centrale de Fukushima. Peu après avoir pris ses dispositions pour s’absenter, Mme Bodin a été congédiée par NHK, après plus de 20 ans de bons et loyaux services.
Mme Bodin dit qu’avant de s’en aller elle avait reçu toutes les assurances de ses patrons à NHK et pris des mesures pour s’assurer que son travail serait assumé. Elle a donc été très étonnée de recevoir une lettre de licenciement  le 22 mars. En tant que présentatrice de la section française de Radio Japan depuis 1990 elle pense qu’elle méritait un meilleur traitement et elle va se porter en justice pour défendre son cas.
Elle et son avocat vont plaider que le licenciement unilatéral d’NHK  — dans des circonstances indéniablement difficiles — était injuste.


Son action en justice a des chances d’être un test pour des centaines de licenciements similaires et va être suivi de près.”





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3 Responses to “French NHK announcer fired after evacuation following French governmental instruction”

  1. pat b says:

    better to lose a job then one’s life

  2. Semtex says:

    She will probably win her lawsuit if she works under our labor law, the French labor law is quite well made and you can’t be fired without being exposed to high financial charges if the reason isn’t right. Everything relies on how was stated her work contract.
    Moreover, she has to win her lawsuit because her case will serve as jurisprudence. And if she loses it will be hard for people in the same situation to defend themselves.

  3. Iwanttolive says:

    NHK is well known for very ultranationalistic and high handed practices in spite being a public independent agency funded by Japanese taxpayers’ money

    From my sources, there have been too many cases and even tactics to get gaijins fired if they are not liked. The reasons they spin after that is really fairytale about who is the victim.

    This diary is about Fukushima. So too much time should not be devoted to a state propaganda agency.

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