[Column] Fukushima Diary will take the initiative of international media coverage about Fukushima

Now that media coverage about Fukushima is rapidly shrinking, Fukushima Diary’s reporting is becoming more and more important.
Fukushima Diary has been trying to be the fastest Fukushima news site in the world, and in 2013, it will have 3 changes.

1. More original articles

Fukushima Diary has been reporting existing articles. In 2013, Fukushima Diary will make more 100% original articles by making the most of knowledges obtained so it can avoid “following the (useless) trend made by media” and focus on what really matters.
Fukushima Diary is more than willing to initiate the Fukushima coverage of the world.

2. Forecast

We want to know what will happen next, how it will affect us. To run or not to run, this is the question.
Fukushima Diary has seen all the plant troubles, health symptoms, and political changes since 311. It will try to forecast what can happen in the future.
It will be about the best scenario and the worst scenario with details to a certain extent.
Just after 311, all the massmedia lied about the plant situation and most of Japanese people missed the chance to escape. Fukushima Diary is an antithesis of them. Knowing without warning is the same as negligence.

3. Research and analysis

There are numerous statistics, data and scientific reports related to Fukushima accident. However, most of them are not organized ,whatever the purpose is, and not getting proper attention.
Fukushima Diary will research those forgotten pieces of facts and find the meanings hidden in the heaps of data. It’s been almost 20 months since 311. Finding the trend from demographic statistics, trade statistics and plant data to provide international experts with new facts is becoming possible. Fukushima Diary will be the research and analysis center specialized in Fukushima accident.



Français :

[Édito] Le Fukushima Diary va prendre l’initiative de la couverture médiatique internationale de Fukushima


A présent que la couverture médiatique de Fukushima se réduit rapidement, les publications du Fukushima Diary deviennent de plus en plus importants.
Le Fukushima Diary a essayé d’être le plus rapide des sites d’information sur Fukushima et en 2013 il va présenter 3 changements.

1. Plus d’articles originaux

Le Fukushima Diary a rapporté des articles existants. En 2013, le Fukushima Diary va produire plus d’articles 100% originaux en rassemblant plus de connaissances obtenues de façon à éviter de suivre l’inutile “tendance des médias” et se concentrer sur ce qui importe vraiment.
Le Fukushima Diary veut plus qu’initier la couverture de Fukushima du monde.

2. Prévisions

Nous voulons savoir ce qui va arriver ensuite, comment ça va nous toucher. Courir ou ne pas courir, c’est la question.
Le Fukushima Diary a vu tous les problèmes de centrales, de symptômes et de changements politiques depuis le 11-3. Il va essayer de prévoir ce qui va se passer ensuite.
Ce sera sur les meilleurs et pires scénarios, détaillés jusqu’à un certain point.
Juste après le 11-3,  toute la grande presse a menti sur la situation des centrales et la plupart des japonais ont manqué leur chance de s’échapper. Le Fukushima Diary est leur antithèse. Savoir sans prévenir est une négligence.

3. Recherches et analyses

Il existe de nombreuses statistiques, données et rapports scientifiques sur l’accident de Fukushima. Toutefois, la plupart d’entre eux ne sont pas organisés, quel que soit leur but et n’attirent pas l’attention adéquate.
Le Fukushima Diary va chercher ces éléments factuels oubliés et trouver les significations cachées sous des piles de données. Nous sommes presque à 20 mois du 11-3. Trouver la tendance des statistiques démographiques, les statistiques commerciales et les paramètres usine pour donner de nouveaux faits aux experts internationaux devient possible. Le Fukushima Diary va être le centre de recherche et d’analyse spécialisé sur l’accident de Fukushima.





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12 Responses to “[Column] Fukushima Diary will take the initiative of international media coverage about Fukushima”

  1. NES says:

    In addition to your column, please find New Year Message :

    End of year good occasion to explain to Men thousand dangers due to Fukushima.

    Within near future thousand dangers for life on Earth.

    Thousand novel diseases will appear thousand quickly.

    Thousand deformities in Men, animals and vegetables.

    Novel environmental and genetic problems.

    St Jesus wanted to warn Men, but Men did not believe it.

    Thousand demands to trust have been useless.

    Thousand Divine advice given (has been) ignored.

    Thousand demands to protect from radiation thousandfold useless.

    Divine ABC considered invented, but thousandfold this is truth.

    Thousand ABC transmitted to Men by St Jesus (in order) to protect life on Earth.

    Thousandfold false information about Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Media defaulting. Thousandfold false information on demand of Government.

    Thousandfold misinformation (of) population thousandfold ignorant of dangers for health.

    It’s criminal Governments thousandfold spreading false information.

    Journalists thousandfold dishonest.

    Man interested in thousand money.

    Thousand Governments ordered silence and lied to population (in order) to thousandfold avoid panicking (of) populations.

    To protect populations (from) danger (of) radioactive contamination, Soul of Jesus of Nazareth has transmitted Divine Words to Men (in order) to thousandfold help Men to protect themselves thousand quickly.

    Thousand faith necessary to believe in Divine Words.

    It is thousandfold difficult to believe in Me.

    Thousand incredulity Men in Divine ABC.

    Jesus of Nazareth

  2. Sen CHIBA (千葉千) says:

    Thanks a thousandfold.
    Beware, there is also a danger of a thousand mutant messiahs appearing.
    For a thousand yen, I will tell you who they are.

  3. NYC-Steve says:

    Mochizuki san, Great New Years resolutions! I know you keep them thru 2013. Domo arigatou.

  4. Doru says:

    Great work Iori , many Thanks !

    Do it properly with copied and verified Evidence and let this be your PhD in Journalism and more !

    ATTENTION everyone : PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER AMOUNT YOU CAN , EVEN $ 10 , TO IORI so we can stay informed Properly !

    Get your co-workers and company behind him , collect at church and so one , but let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot by losing such a Reporter , after all there are only two others that do it but not as the same intensity of information and analysis .

    Be aware of the incoming , donate to Iori Today please , Thank You !

    Best regards Iori ,


  5. FC says:

    Great Reporting!!

  6. Perepeinard says:

    Bonjour, plutôt que d’avoir les traductions en Français, Italien à la suite de l’article en Anglais, je vous suggere de créer une branche du site par langue.
    Cordialement. Pp

  7. Mike says:

    Once per month I get a notice from Paypal that I have just made a small donation to FD.

    And once per month my heart sings, I am doing something to help Iori.

    Please consider doing the same. Make a recurring monthly donation.

  8. arclight says:

    many thanks for all your hard work
    i wish you all the best for the new year

  9. Wakjob says:

    Not only is Fukushima deliberate, to cause illness and death, but even US govt has deliberately sprayed radiation on public in the past:


  10. Greyhawk says:

    Thank you so much for your work.

  11. TheWatchan says:

    My prayers are with you.

  12. Helen Dawson says:

    BBC reporter visiting Fukushima talks to reactor workers suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Farmer who is looking after his cows and protesting in Tokyo.

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