JP PM Abe to withdrew the 2030 policy to abandon nuclear power

On 12/29/2012, Japanese prime minister Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant and officially stated he will withdraw the policy to abandon all the nuclear plants in 2030s.

He stated, energy is very important for Japan to economically grow up. Looking for the best portfolio of energy resource in 10 years is important.

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Le premier ministre nippon, Abe, va retirer le plan de sortie du nucléaire pour 2030

Le 29 décembre 2012, le premier ministre japonais, M. Abe, a visité la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima et a officiellement affirmé qu’il allait retirer le plan de sortie du nucléaire pour 2030.

Il a affirmé que cette énergie est très importante pour la croissance économique du Japon, que chercher le meilleur portfolio de ressources énergétiques sur 10 ans est important.

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  1. “He stated, energy is very important for Japan to economically grow up. Looking for the best portfolio of energy resource in 10 years is important.”

    Political leadership is very important for Japan to economically grow up. Looking for the best portfolio of political leaders in 10 years is important.

    DPJ did not do the people’s will regarding nuclear power. LDP will suffer the same fate if they fail to yield to popular sentiment and understanding that there is NO FUTURE IN NUCLEAR POWER.


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  3. Since nothing has been done to rectify the problems off evacuation and Iodine dontcha think it’s stupid is as stupid does or does not do?

  4. Sad really. If they impose an indefinite moratorium while reviewing the nuclear energy policy – that would have been better.

    It would have also been better to quarantine Fukushima rather than trying to spread contaminated debris around Japan. At least this way, all contamination would be confined to one area and reducing risk to the rest of the island.

    If they were concerned about the farmers, surely they could pay the farmers to keep their farms idle for a few years – I am sure Japanese wouldn’t mind donating money to farmers rather than risk having contaminated produce shipped all over – while the figure out the impact of the disaster rather than this headlong rush to get things back to normal.

    If they had tried hard to confine contaminated debris and food to a smaller area rather than trying to dilute it all over Japan, I am sure many more tourists would feel more comfortable going to Japan for a visit.

  5. While the average Japanese citizen is probably much more concious of their energy usage than, let’s say, the average American, the fact remains that all advanced societies are so heavily dependent on electricity that I wonder if anything short of the miraculous discovery of a clean, abundant energy source can save the Earth now. Although I’m not advocating a return to the ways of the Edo Period, that may actually be the only way to keep us from continuing to kill the planet.

  6. There exist technologies to use the free, abundant energy of the Universe, but scientists and engineers working on it, have been silenced by all means, murder included.
    As long as money is the first priority of Man, people will suffer !
    Decision makers should be the first to get sick from radiation to make them realize that nuclear energy is the enemy of Man. Man is playing with fire that may destroy life on Earth. See why :

    End of year good occasion to explain to Men thousand dangers due to Fukushima.

    Within near future thousand dangers for life on Earth.

    Thousand novel diseases will appear thousand quickly.

    Thousand deformities in Men, animals and vegetables.

    Novel environmental and genetic problems.

    St Jesus wanted to warn Men, but Men did not believe it.

    Thousand demands to trust have been useless.

    Thousand Divine advice given (has been) ignored.

    Thousand demands to protect from radiation thousandfold useless.

    Divine ABC considered invented, but thousandfold this is truth.

    Thousand ABC transmitted to Men by St Jesus (in order) to protect life on Earth.

    Thousandfold false information about Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Media defaulting. Thousandfold false information on demand of Government.

    Thousandfold misinformation (of) population thousandfold ignorant of dangers for health.

    It’s criminal Governments thousandfold spreading false information.

    Journalists thousandfold dishonest.

    Man interested in thousand money.

    Thousand Governments ordered silence and lied to population (in order) to thousandfold avoid panicking (of) populations.

    To protect populations (from) danger (of) radioactive contamination, Soul of Jesus of Nazareth has transmitted Divine Words to Men (in order) to thousandfold help Men to protect themselves thousand quickly.

    Thousand faith necessary to believe in Divine Words.

    It is thousandfold difficult to believe in Me.

    Thousand incredulity Men in Divine ABC.

    Jesus of Nazareth

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