[Express] “Radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing since June”

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[Express] "Radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing since June"

【Look at this graph!】 The radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing for continuous 5 months. The integral dose from 311 to this November is 16mSv.


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[Express] “Le niveau de radioactivité de la ville de Fukushima est en augmentation constante depuis juin”

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【このグラフを見てください!】福島市の放射線量が5ヶ月連続で上昇中!事故後から11月までの総線量は15858μsv約16ミリです。→ twitter.com/tadagonpapa/st…
— たまちゃんさん (@tadagonpapa) 12月 14, 2012
[Express] "Radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing since June"
【Regardez ce graphique !】 Le niveau de radioactivité de la ville de Fukushima augmente de façon continue depuis 5 mois. La dose intégrale depuis le 11-3 jusqu’à novembre dernier est de 16 mSv.

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4 Responses to “[Express] “Radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing since June””

  1. dka says:

    That is what we should be expecting since the destroyed and less destroyed reactors still emit loads of radioactive particles into the air.
    Worst, the particules stuck in trees gradually flow to cities (depend on geography), burning of contaminated trash sends more into the air and people, animals and vehicules (train, car, bus, etc..) bring them from everywhere in Japan into cities.

  2. Iwanttolive says:

    What is the well taxpayer-funded propaganda agency in Japan doing about its reporting?

  3. Dan says:

    Humans are top of the food chain and consumers of raw materials throughout the affected region. Crops, timber, clothing products, housing material, furniture, vehicles and even each other are all sources of irradiation.

    If you are thinking of getting away from Japan, , you should do it soon because there will come a time when the cost of medical treatment for contamination and palative care will become so great that other countries will close their borders to Japanese people, fearing both the health costs involved and the fear of DNA damage entering their breeding pool.

    Once the tipping point of radiation sickness in the general population is reached where there are not enough healthy workers to maintain the economy, the whole of society falls over, and its the rise of the zombie apocalypse. Drop what you are doing, pick up your children and leave now.

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