[Express] “It took 160 people, cost 4 million yen to tighten a screw of a nuclear plant”

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Once a large screw became loose at a running nuclear plant. When a nuclear reactor is generating power, the radiation level is extremely high, so 30 workers were prepared to tighten the screw. They were queued to run for the screw 7 meters away one after one.


The dosimeter beeps when you get to the screw and count 1, 2, 3. Some of them had the dosimeter beep before they even found a wrench. Only to tighten the screw required 160 workers and 4 million yen in total.



Français :

[Express] “Ça a mobilisé 160 personnes, coûté 4 millions de yen pour serrer un boulon dans une centrale nucléaire”

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— 元原発技術者・平井憲夫 botさん (@hirainoriobot) 12月 13, 2012
Une fois, un gros boulon s’est un peu dévissé dans une centrale nucléaire en activité. Quand un réacteur nucléaire produit de l’électricité,  le niveau de radioactivité est extrêmement élevé, donc 30 ouvriers ont été préparés pour resserrer le boulon. Ils ont été mis en file pour courir vers le boulon à 7 m les uns des autres.

— 元原発技術者・平井憲夫 botさん (@hirainoriobot) 12月 13, 2012
Le dosimètre bipe quand vous approchez du boulon et compte 1, 2, 3.  Certains d’entre eux avaient leur dosimètre bipant avant même de prendre une clé. Pour resserrer le boulon il a fallu 160 ouvriers et 4 millions de yens au total.





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4 Responses to “[Express] “It took 160 people, cost 4 million yen to tighten a screw of a nuclear plant””

  1. CCC says:

    Providing new jobs since 1954.

  2. pat b says:

    How many TEPCO workers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    160. 1 to change the bulb and 159 to take the rad dose.

  3. John says:

    @pat b,


  4. JB says:

    and they ALL got screwed in the “beep” by TEPGOV and the screw is still loose!~like TEPCO bosses,they all have a few loose screws!! Hopefully their “family jewels” have absorbed and stored enough of the PU-239,etc. that they so generously shared with the world but has in their case precluded the possibility of spawning any new,little TEPnuCleOcrat’s to continue the pukleokrat bloodline/heritage(lol)…Every TEPCO,Toshiba,GE,etc. workers executive level included!-should be forced to do 1-2 weeks of “community/Natonal”service performing neccesary tasks at Fukushima and I’d bet funding & activity would really skyrocket ahead of the arrival of the “conscripted” VIP National Service Week “volunteers” from the ranks of the nukleokrat Class?!for the sake of our future may their nutsaks be rendered useless and the human gene pool be spared the continuation of the DNA from a dangerous,psychotic entity(s) who not only have no concern for humans but could care less about all living things in general that don’t need to be part of their experiment for very long before EVERYTHING withers and dies. Too many rotten cocnuts fall from the TEPCO Family Tree!!BWAAHHH!! PEACE oUT

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