[Column] Unpatriotic individuals party -Hikokumin toh

During WW2, people who opposed the war, tried not to be conscripted, or even said Japan would get defeated were called “Hikokumin”.

Hi means Anti, Kokumin means people. It means “Unpatriotic individuals/Traitors” altogether.

Some people might take it insult, but I take it a compliment.

If I’m called unpatriotic to do something totally logical, I’m more than happy to be called a traitor.

The government has been manipulating the public opinion by using mass media.
They label us “Unpatriotic” because we say No to debris incineration, contaminated food, and their fake declaration of cold shutdown.
Now I’m willing to be “Unpatriotic”. and I will call myself a traitor before they do to me.

On 12/16/2012, they are going to have an election. New parties are born one after one.
but I already trust most of them almost 0%.

so in order to confirm that I’m being right for myself, I’ll start my own party “Hikokumin (Unpatriotic) party”.

Japan is down. It has been down for 20 years. and it will be more. but traitors have already stood up and even started to walk on. Now it might be necessary for us to leave our country behind and be called unpatriotic.

I believe in reason and love, not the country.
If you are the one to feel the same way, let’s call us “Unpatriotic party”.
Unpatrioticism is an universal virtue. If you feel the same way and you were born in somewhere else, let’s join us too.
The slogan is to stay sane.
This is just a little little seed of an idea, but I wish to have it grow bigger because it’s the only way to keep your free will.

Getting excluded from your home land is hard, but if you have the place to stay, you can be a little bit more brave.

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Français :

[Édito] Le parti des individualistes non-patriotes – Hikokumin toh

Pendant la 2e guerre mondiale, les gens opposés à la guerre qui essayaient de ne pas être enrôlés ou qui disaient même que le Japon serait battu étaient appelés les “Hikokumin”.
“Hi” signifie “contre” et “Kokumin” “les gens”. Mis ensemble, ça veut dire en même temps les “non-patriotes/traîtres”.

Certains le prennent comme une insulte mais je le prends comme un compliment.

Si on me traite de “non-patriote” parce que je fais quelque chose de parfaitement logique, je suis plus qu’heureux d’être traité de traître.

Le gouvernement a manipulé l’opinion publique à travers la grande presse.
Ils nous qualifient de “non-patriotes” parce qu’on dit Non à l’incinération des débris, à la nourriture contaminée et à leurs fausses déclarations d’arrêt à froid.
A présent je veux être “non-patriote” et je vais me qualifier de traître avant qu’ils ne le fassent.

Le 16 décembre 2012, ils vont avoir une élection. De nouveaux partis sont nés, l’un après l’autre.
mais je fait déjà confiance à 0% pour à peu près tous.

donc, pour confirmer que je reste cohérent avec moi-même, je vais lancer mon propre parti, le “parti Hikokumin (non-patriote)”.

Le Japon est par terre. Il est par terre depuis 20 ans. et ça va continuer. mais les traîtres se sont déjà dressés et même commencé à marcher. Maintenant, il aurait pu nous être nécessaire de quitter notre pays ensuite et d’être qualifiés de non-patriotes.

Je crois en la raison et l’amour, pas dans le pays.
Si vous pensez pareil, appelons-nous le “parti non-patriote”.
Le non-patriotisme est une vertu universelle. Si vous sentez les choses de cette façon et que vous êtes nés ailleurs, rejoignez-nous aussi.
Le slogan est de rester sensé.
C’est seulement une toute petite petite graine d’idée mais je souhaite la voir grandir parce que c’est la seule façon de garder son esprit libre.

Être banni de sa patrie est une chose dure mais si savez où aller vous pouvez être un peu plus courageux.

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7 Responses to “[Column] Unpatriotic individuals party -Hikokumin toh”

  1. pat b says:

    the same thing was after 9/11 if you disagreed with the president, you were a terrorist.

    Against the Department of Homeland Security? Terrorist.

    Against the Patriot Act? Terrorist.

    Against the tax cuts? Terrorist.

    Against gas fracking? Terrorist.

    Yeah, i was called a terrorist a few times.

    • terry evans says:

      So true
      dont forget it you support the consitution : terrorist
      if you have a gun : terrorist
      a veteran : terrorist
      or that there is a differance between R and D in voteing

      and we go one step better, IF they THINK your a threat
      they can pick you up, lock you away, for as long as they like
      no trial

      and if you really piss them off
      they can KILL you
      no reason except you MAYBE or just might be a terrorist

      land of the free

  2. Wasteland Wally says:

    Where can I join? I think there should be an unpatriotic party for the whole world!

  3. selfsovereign says:

    Patriotism is xenophobia refined into government policy.

    Thank you Mochizuki for the intellectual sensibility you have!

    Your critical thinking skills, large empathetic heart and your competant grasp of the bigger picture of life itself – makes you an inspirational hero to a lot of ordinary folks on this silly, silly planet.

    THANK YOU for your “Hikokumin” spirit!!!

  4. Damcho Dronma says:

    It’s like realizing you are born into a dysfunctional, abusive family. The only way to survive is to leave.

    This is quite literally true for Japan. To incinerate radioactive debris is to spread radiation and death. To allow contaminated food to be distributed nationwide, is to spread radiation and death.

    One must leave behind such insanity. Live!

  5. VyseLegendaire says:

    I’d definitely join the official “International Unpatriot” party if there was one.

  6. Lilith says:

    Many cheers to the free thinking, the logical, the individuals willing to stand up for what is right, regardless of consequence! We are the true revolutionaries that will help our species evolve. I too am extremely unpatriotic and proud of it, even though it has caused isolation from my family, classmates, and neighbors over the years. Be proud unpatriotic ones <3

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