[NHK] Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees

Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees Aired 11/9/12

The government has started decontamination work in areas affected by the nuclear accident but the progress is slow amid mistrust and conflicts. We report from Fukushima communities in danger of collapse in the aftermath of the accident.





[NHK] Decontaminazione: Perdere gli alberi scudo

“Decontaminazione: Perdere gli alberi scudo”, andato in onda il 09/11/2012.
Il governo ha iniziato i lavori di decontaminazione nelle aree affette dall’incidente nucleare ma i progressi sono lenti tra diffidenza e conflitti. Parla delle comunità di Fukushima in pericolo di collasso per le conseguenze dell’incidente.


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[NHK] Décontamination : “Losing the Sheltering Trees”

Décontamination: “Losing the Sheltering Trees” diffusé le 9 nov 2012

Le gouvernement a commencé le travail de décontamination dans les régions touchées par l’accident nucléaire mais les progrès sont lents au milieu de la méfiance et des conflits. Nous rapportons depuis les communautés de Fukushima en danger d’effondrement des suites de l’accident.





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4 Responses to “[NHK] Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees”

  1. Lietome says:

    I have no idea what NHK is trying to say. It looks like their people either very poorly educated in the dangers of radiation or they are participating in an exercise of covering up. Radiation is not something that is not a bitching of trees and hurt emotions. It is far more serious than that.

  2. David Lazarof says:

    Wonderful and unsettling documentary.
    Keep them coming Mochizuki -San.

  3. terry evans says:

    Losing the Sheltering Trees
    Relying on and expecting the government to take care of you is
    and will always be
    a mistake for which one will pay greatly.

    Seems what is passing as Decontamination is only cross contamination.

    Removing the trees and stripping the earth may lower the readings,
    but only in that small area and only untill contamination increases.

    The power plant continues to spew radiation into the air, land and sea
    And wishing this event is over does more harm then good.

    Believing you can return with only elevated risk puts you in the same boat with those who believe nuke power is a safe manageable energy .

    The govt would rather spend your money on dog and pony shows like this decontamination then admit that nuke power is bad, the area is forever contaminated and would spend far less in fair compensation to those affected. But that would end the nuke industry.

    On 3-11 they proved they cannot manage this energy.
    As this film clearly shows, they cant fix this.
    They need to be held accountable.

    Spot cleaning is the best they can hope for, its not decontamination.

    Decontamination would put the radiation back into the reactors,
    or the genie back into the bottle. That cant be done, ever.

    This could happen at any nuke plant, at any time.
    Almost did with Sandy in New Jersey

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