Kashiwa city served Fukushima rice for school lunch to fight harmful rumor

Kashiwa city served Fukushima rice for school lunch to fight harmful rumor

To fight harmful rumor, Tadami machi in Fukushima and Kashiwa city in Chiba exchanged 60kg of local rice and Kashiwa city served the Fukushima rice for school lunch in Dai hachi elementary school on 11/19/2012.

Children commented it’s shinny and tastes good.






La città di Kashiwa ha servito riso di Fukushima durante il pranzo scolastico per combattere le voci dannose.

Per combattere le voci, le città di Tadami, a Fukushima e di Kashiwa, a Chiba hanno scambiato 60kg di riso locale e Kashiwa ha servito il riso di Fukushima per pranzo nella scuola elementare Dai Hachi il 19/11/2012.

I bambini hanno commentato che è brillante e saporito.


Français :

La ville de Kashiwa sert du riz de Fukushima aux cantines pour combattre les rumeurs malveillantes

La ville de Kashiwa sert du riz de Fukushima aux cantines pour combattre les rumeurs malveillantes

Pour combattre les rumeurs malveillantes, la ville de Tadami machi de Fukushima et la ville de Kashiwa de Chiba ont échangé 60 kg de riz local et Kashiwa a servi ce riz à un repas de cantine à l’école élémentaire de Dai hachi le 19 novembre 2012.

Les enfant on dit qu’il était brillant et avait bon goût.


  1. This kind of stuff, endangering children gratuitously this way, would cause a riot anywhere in Europe. That teacher would not be shown eating but being beaten the hell out of him.

    There’s something very wrong with Japanese culture. I used to be a great admirer of so many things Japanese but this is absolutely wrong.

  2. I agree 100% with Greyhawk. I would say exactly the same. This is criminal behavior – feeding contaminated food to children is identical to poisoning them! NOT a harmful rumor; POISON!

  3. science proves – no amount of radiation is without risk

    endangering children is a crime. when these kids grow up and have troubles, I hope they will remember this teacher.

  4. I’ve heard of one nation fighting each other
    I’ve also heard of nations fighting nations
    I’ve even heard of religions fighting other religions
    But I’ve never heard of a nation killing off their own offspring 

    Until now

     Who knows, maybe they are trying beat jim jones, and get in to the guinness book of world records for the largest mass suicide


  5. I know what you doing in Japan .
    Killing the people with radioactive food will reduce the long term problem where to live after making half of Japan inhabitable for hundreds if not thousands of years. This is saving face at the best ….killing the kids so you don’t have to look in their eyes and say we where brainless idiots.
    If half of Japan dead no problem plenty of space for the survivors
    Relocation of Tokyo ?
    No problem Tokyo will die out in 20-30 years.
    Killing half of earth no problem just blame tepko workers who will die by that time .
    The amount of highly radioactive micro particles escaped from the reactor will find the way to our body and will kill us slowly with cancer.
    I wont able to say 20 years from know I got this from F-upshima
    But killing your children with radioactive rice …Shiny rice that is nothing you should have served at night with the lights off ,and you might see them to glow …now that is pretty .
    You just lost my sympathy.
    Japan… I always thought you were so special , but know I see it I know it you have a serious birth defect , you were born without heart .
    But don’t worry help is on the way your DNA is being reprogramed as you read this. Who knows you might just will become normal human .

  6. To look on the positive side of this despicable genocide, years down the line, when these children start to develop fatal effects…we will have proof that the “harmful rumours” were true.

    1. sad part
      they already have that proof
      they called it chernoble
      over 25 years ago

      only differance is fuku is much worst

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