Fuel clad of SFP3 reaches 800℃ within 1 day without coolant water

Tepco reported the fuel clad of spent fuel pool in reactor3 reaches 800℃ in case it loses the coolant water.
Tepco comments they can restart giving coolant water within 1 ~ 6 hours after it stopped, which is fast enough.

However, actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented like this below. [Link]

“Tepco says they have prepared multiple coolant means, but if the radiation level goes too high, we can not even get close. Also even if the reactor buildings remain safe, roads won’t be safe to approach the reactors.”

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Il combustibile dell’SFP3 raggiunge gli 800°C in un giorno senza l’acqua di raffreddamento

La Tepco ha riportato che il combustibile della vasca di combustibile usato nel reattore 3 raggiunge gli 800°C se perse l’acqua di raffreddamento.
Ha commentato poi che possono ricominciare a spruzzare acqua di raffreddamento entro 1 ~ 6 ore dopo che ha smesso di funzionare, che è abbastanza veloce.
Comunque, il lavoratore di Fukushima Happy 11311 [Link] ha commentato così:
“La Tepco dice che hanno preparato molteplici tipi di raffreddamento, ma se il livello di radiazioni aumenta troppo noi non possiamo nemmeno avvicinarci. Anche se l’edificio del reattore rimanesse intatto le strade non sarebbero sicure per avvicinarsi ai reattori.”

Articolo correlato: 7m and 470kg of steel frame dropped into the SFP of reactor3, “566 fuel assemblies are in the pool” [Link]


Français :

Sans refroidissement, le couvercle de la SFP3 atteindra 800 ℃ en une journée

Tepco a rapporté que le couvercle de la piscine à combustibles usagés du réacteur 3 (= SFP3) atteindra les 800 ℃ si elle perd son eau de refroidissement.
Tepco dir qu’ils peuvent réalimenter en eau de refroidissement dans les 1 à 6 heures après l’arrêt et que c’est suffisamment rapide.

Toutefois, l’ouvrier de Fukushima, Happy11311, en dit ceci [Lien] :

“Tepco dit qu’ils ont préparé plusieurs moyens de refroidissement mais si le niveau de radioactivité monte trop, on ne pourra même pas s’en approcher. Aussi, même si les bâtiments des réacteurs restent sûrs, leurs routes d’accès ne le seront plus assez pour pouvoir les approcher.”

Article lié : Une poutrelle de 7 m et 470 kg est tombée dans la SFP du réacteur 3, “566 assemblages de combustibles dans la piscine” [Lien]






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One Response to “Fuel clad of SFP3 reaches 800℃ within 1 day without coolant water”

  1. pat b says:

    i suspect it means the SFP hits 800 F if it drains within 24 hours.

    The heat output of the used fuel isn’t that high, especially now that the short lived stuff is burned off.

    of course once the water level drops, we may see more nuetron reactions and if we get criticality again,
    well then it may get a lot hotter.

    Frankly they need to get these SFPs emptied for hazard reasons, instead they are messing around

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