[Express] Only principal and school nurse wear masks with students wear no mask

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A part of the school is under construction. Only the principal and school nurse are wearing masks and they have moved their office they say. They didn’t have students wear masks. When I think this is how school is recently, I feel disgusted.



[Express] Solo il preside e le bidelle indossano maschere, mentre gli studenti no
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Una parte della scuola è in costruzione. Solo il preside e le bidelle indossano maschere hanno spostato i loro uffici. Non hanno fatto indossare maschere agli studenti. Quando penso che così è la scuola al giorno d’oggi, mi sento disgustata.


Français :

[Express] Le principal et l’infirmière de l’école sont les seuls à porter des masques, pas les élèves

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