Public schools in Aizuwakamatsu city reject evacuated students

Aizuwakamatsu city in Fukushima is rejecting evacuated students to go to the public elementary and junior high schools.

The city requires them to submit moving-in notifications to make them pay tax for the public educational service. So far, about 30 children have been rejected to go to the schools.







Italiano :

Le scuole pubbliche nella città di Aizuwakamatsu rifiutano gli studenti evacuati
La città di Aizuwakamatsu a Fukushima sta rifiutando gli studenti evacuati che vanno alle elementari pubbliche e alle medie.
La città chiede di presentare i certificati di trasferimento per far loro pagare le tasse del servizio educativo pubblico. Perciò circa 30 bambini non possono andare a scuola.


Français :

Les écoles publiques d’Aizuwakamatsu refoulent les élèves évacués

La ville d’Aizuwakamatsu de la préfecture de Fukushima refoule les élèves évacués voulant s’inscrire dans ses écoles élémentaires et junior high schools.

La ville exige d’eux qu’ils fournissent des formulaires d’immigration pour leur faire payer les impôts du service de l’éducation publique. Pour le moment, environ 30 enfants ont été refoulés de ces écoles.


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