[Fukushima conscription started] Tepco will oblige all the employees to go to Fukushima, 100,000ppl/y in total.

In the mid-term administration plan, Tepco decided to send all of their employees to Fukushima for decontamination from 2013. They are sent to Fukushima for 2~3 times a year, about 100,000 people in total will go to Fukushima annually. This is not volunteer, this is obligation.

They will also increase the “experts” of decontamination from 100 to 300 by the autumn of 2013.

The purpose is to make decontamination work more efficient and reduce the cost.

The total cost of decontamination is estimated to be trillions of yen. It is not clear how the government and Tepco will share the cost.





[原発徴兵] 東京電力が福島の除染要員に全社員を順次派遣






[iniziata la coscrizione a Fukushima] La Tepco obbligherà tutti gli impiegati ad andare a Fukushima, 100.000 persone all’anno in totale

Nel piano amministrativo a medio termine la Tepco ha deciso di mandare tutti i suoi impiegati a Fukushima dal 2013 per la decontaminazione.

Saranno mandati a Fukushima per 2~3 volte all’anno, per un totale di circa 100.000 persone all’anno. Questo non è volontario, è obbligatorio.

Saranno aumentati anche gli “esperti” di decontaminazione, da 100 a 300 entro l’autunno del 2013. Lo scopo è di far funzionare la decontaminazione in modo più efficiente riducendo i costi.

Il costo totale della decontaminazione è stimato essere di trilioni di yen. Non è chiaro come il governo e la Tepco divideranno i costi


Français :

[la conscription pour Fukushima a commencé] Tepco va obliger tous ses employés à aller à Fukushima, 100 000  personnes par an au total.

Dans leur plan d’administration à moyen terme, Tepco a décidé d’envoyer tous ses employés à Fukushima pour la décontamination à partir de 2013. Ils seront envoyés à Fukushima 2 ou 3 fois par an, environ 100 000 personnes au total vont devoir se rendre à Fukushima par année. Ce n’est pas librement consenti, c’est une obligation.

Ils vont aussi augmenter les effectifs des “experts” de la décontamination, de 100 à 300, dans le courant de l’automne 2013.

Le but est d’augmenter l’efficacité du travail de décontamination et de réduire les coûts.

Le coût total de la décontamination est estimé en trilliards de yens. Comment le gouvernement et Tepco vont se répartir les coûts n’est pas clair.



  1. What Tepco means is that they are going to murder their own employees to maintain their secrets. Any employee of Tepco that is stupid enough to die for a company instead of their kids deserves their fate and to be put into history as a coward.

    1. Thx i agree with you totaly , at least it is an worlds matter and the UN is abseloutly too silent about this horrifying desaster of Fukushima

  2. Organizations in sympathy to TEPCO will be asked to join in future years. Could be anyone from employees of the Fuku government, the employees of Hakuhoudou, or the employees of their biggest lender banks.

    Sometimes the citizens of a country need to make great personal sacrifices for the common good and for the preservation of their country.

    In this case, however, there should be absolutely no conscription until ALL of the nuclear plants in Japan are decommissioned, and until Japan outlaws the proliferation of civilian nuclear energy technologies (other than decontamination and decommissioning technologies).

    It is absurd to ask the people to give up their lives to clean up after TEPCO and NISA when the political parties who control the country have not learned the basic lesson of Fukushima – nuclear power requires perfection. mankind, try as he might, is not perfect and can never accomplish perfection. when nuclear power goes wrong, it kills and keeps on killing for thousands of years. it destroys lives, it destroys communities. It destroys DNA. it destroys the means of safe food production. it destroys countries. mankind has no business building or operating nuclear power plants.

    Until the political bosses learn this basic lesson, if they asked me to go to Fukushima, I’d tell them to go to hell.

  3. Japan will fall into the Pacific. Just get out, now.
    Never mind honor, ancestors, investments.
    Get out now.

    1. This was recommended in Divine Messages since the very beginning of the nuclear disaster ! But nobody believed in the necessity to evacuate. Slowly some people are waking up.

  4. Edgar Cayce predicted that Japan will fall into the sea. If this really comes true, then this is how the nightmare in Fukushima is going to end, but the start of an ecological disaster as the whole Pacific Ocean and for that matter, all the oceans of the world will be contaminated with radiation.

  5. Geezz.. some comments sound really paranoid.
    Can we try to be a bit more rational instead of making claims about the “end of Japan and of the world” ?

    1. Life is in great danger, many times repeated in Divine Messages sent to warn and protect Man as long as Man will believe in it.

  6. TEPCO would do well by feeding BIOSUPERFOOD to their workers, as it would keep far them healthier, and therefore get the jobs done better. See radiationremedy.wordpress.com for information and ordering.

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