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Food contamination

1100 Bq/kg from dried mushroom sold in west coast of Japan

Agricultural products are still harvested in disaster area and shipped to less contaminated zone. According to the food measurement report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 1100 Bq/Kg of cesium was

Domestic and global Environment

More than 40,000 Bq/m2 from 82.8% of Nagareyama city in Chiba

Joso co-op in Chiba and Ibaraki published their monitoring data. From Ibaraki to Chiba, they divided 20 cities and towns into 1km2 areas. They took soil sample from each 1km2

Core removing struggle

Lead plate of 7.5cm thickness was lost in PCV of reactor1

On 9/26, Tepco punched an access hole to PCV1 to investigate the inside by an endoscope. (cf. Tepco punched an access hole to PCV of reactor1) From this investigation, they

Natural disasters Sea contamination

[Nature] Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup

<Quote> [Nature] April 2012 quakes occurred away from plate edges, suggesting formation of a new boundary. A pair of massive earthquakes that rocked the Indian Ocean on 11 April 2012

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle

Coolant water is leaking to the next turbine building of reactor1

In the roadmap that Tepco released on 9/24/2012, Tepco reported coolant water injected into PCV and RPV is leaking from the North-East side of the reactor building through the access


Fukushima rice was sold labelled as from Nagano

In this May, a rice wholesaler in Nagano sold 26 tones of rice from Fukushima and Aomori with deceptive label of the origin to be from Nagano prefecture. Police is

Core removing struggle

Tepco punched an access hole to PCV of reactor1

On 9/26/2012, Fukushima diary reported the rapidly increasing temperature in PCV1. (cf. PCV temperature is rapidly increasing in reactor1, “10℃ in 2 days”) On 9/27/2012, Tepco reported they punched an