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Sea contamination

Tritium leakage from reactor 5 and 6

On 9/21/2012, Tepco released the nuclear analysis result of radioactive materials in the sea water. The samples were taken on 4/16 and 5/14, so their release is 5 ~ 4


[Washington post] Japan shifts to the right

<Quote> [The Washington Post] With China’s rise, Japan shifts to the right TOKYO — Japan is in the midst of a gradual but significant shift to the right, acting more

Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

7m and 470kg of steel frame dropped into the SFP of reactor3, “566 fuel assemblies are in the pool”

About 11:05 of 9/22/2012, Tepco dropped a steel frame of 7m long and 470kg into the SFP of reactor3. 514 assemblies of spent fuel and 52 fuel assemblies are kept


Arnie Gundersen @Congressional Briefing Cannon House Office Building — Room 121 9/20/2012

From the DC rally on 9/20/2012. (cf. DC rally on 9/20)   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : M. Arnie Gundersen au Congressional Briefing dans le bâtiment des bureaux de l’immeuble


DC rally on 9/20

I joined the DC rally from 9/20 ~ 9/22/2012. These are the pictures taken in congressional briefing. (September 20, 2012 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm) The location was Cannon