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Domestic and global Environment

More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man’s-zone

It’s desperate to try to restart farming in Fukushima, especially in 30km area. They measured more than 1,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from more than 99% areas in Katsuraomura Fukushima. Katsuraomura


16.57 μSv/h on the street beside students running around a junior high school in Fukushima

In Koriyama city Fukushima, still 330,000 people are living. Highly radioactive dust is accumulated on the streets, but students are running on the dust. On 9/14/2012, the video was taken

Sea contamination

[The Voice of Russia] Cs137 in Pacific ocean 500~800km from Fukushima, “10 times higher than norm”

<Quote> [The voice of Russia] Russian scientists find radiation off Fukushima coast Russian scientists have detected radiation in the north-west of the Pacific Ocean at a distance between 500-800 km


Injecting water to reactor1 ~ 3 decreased again

The coolant system of Fukushima plant is getting deteriorated. Tepco has been struggling to control water injecting system since 8/30/2012. (cf. Tepco struggling to control the coolant system, “Adjusted the