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Export from Japan Sea contamination

85% of Fukushima rockfish exceeds safety limit in cesium, cesium measured from all samples since 311

Fukushima prefecture is trying to start selling fishery products but the actual contamination situation is not widely known. (cf. Fukushima will test-fish 7 more kinds of fishery products) Even US

Core removing struggle

Tepco’s emergency email, “Duct of gas monitoring system got a hole in reactor2”

Crippled Fukushima plant is having problems continuously. The similar kind of ducts may have the same problems at other locations too. On 9/9/2012, Tepco sent emergency emails to press. Around


Deformed eggplant in Yamagata

  Snake looking eggplant was harvested in Yamagata. Mr. Yoshida (62) found the eggplant in his farm on 9/6/2012. It’s in Takahata town, Yamagata prefecture. (100km from Fukushima plant) It’s

Sea contamination

Greenpeace detected cesium from Sushi sold beside Shinagawa station in Tokyo

Eating Sushi is becoming like Russian roulette. Greenpeace measured 10.9 Bq/Kg of cesium from Sushi in Tokyo. The amount of strontium is not known. On 9/7/2012, Greenpeace published their measurement result.