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Sea contamination

Contaminated fish from Miyagi was sold in west coast of Japan

You can’t escape from contaminated food as long as you are in Japan. The risk of internal exposure is always following you. Contaminated fish from Miyagi was found sold in Niigata,


Density of Krypton85 is more than 9 times much as before in reactor1

Increase of Krypton 85 is detected in PCV of reactor1, which suggests nuclear fission is on-going. (cf. Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 to suggest on-going nuclear fission in reactor1) Tepco announced


Fukushima medical uni “It’s important to collect medical data before outbreak to come in 4~5 years”

Fukushima local government is keeping people within the prefecture as if Fukushima accident put no impact. However, Fukushima medical university is actually aware of the health risk related to Fukushima


Smoke spouting out from south of reactor2

This is not sea-fog. White gas was observed spouting out from south of reactor2 on 9/4/2012. It had started already around 10:57 and ended about 11:15.   ↓ Zoomed <Settlement