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Interview me

I had a great interview with Ms. Libbe HaLevy from Nuclear Hotseat. You can listen to it here. LINK Download here: Interview with Iori Mochizuki, blogger behind Fukushima Diary,

Food contamination

Fuchu city of Tokyo will start serving Fukushima milk for school lunch

School students will be forced to be exposed for no reason. The board of education in Fuchu city has decided to serve Fukushima milk for elementary school and junior high


Fukushima plant lost its power for 5 hours

  There was a power stoppage in Fukushima plant though it was a power station. Fukushima power plant had a power stoppage at 4:25 AM of 9/5/2012 (JST). The main


Minister of Defense “Nuclear plants give us deterrent force”

  Japanese government considers owing nuclear plants gives them nuclear deterrent force. Morimoto, minister of defense attended a conference of power companies and commented like this below, 「単にエネルギーの問題だけではない」「周りの国から見て非常に大事な抑止的機能を果たしている」 <Translate> Having


Cesium from finished school lunch in Miyagi

In Japan, most of the elementary schools serve school lunch. (Some of the junior high schools do too) Students basically have no rights to reject it or change it to