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Food contamination

Cesium concentration reached mountains of Nagano

  Japan is small. Fukushima fall out has reached most secluded areas far from Tokyo. Even if you feel like it is far, it’s not far for radiation at all.


[Possible plutonium]18 μSv/h of alpha ray in Namiemachi, out of mandatory evacuation area

Fukushima Diary reported they measured 316 μSv/h in Akohgi, Namie machi Fukushima. (cf. 316 μSv/h in Namiemachi, out of mandatory evacuation area) In this measurement, they counted 7,000 CPM of


Chairman of NPO in Chernobyl “In Belarus, girls turned to be men after secondary sexual character”

  Ms. Noro, the chairman of NPO called Bridges to Chernoby (cf. Numayu’s blog shut down) l warned about the risk to let children play on the contaminated ground. She


Cesium measured from school lunch ingredient in Niigata, west coast of Japan

  Your child may be forced to eat contaminated food for school lunch Cesium was measured from ingredient of school lunch. The school is in Niigata, on the west coast

Natural disasters

M5.7 and M4.2 hit eastern Japan continuously

Two major earthquakes hit around Fukushima.   ↓ M5.7 Miyagi offshore         ↓ M4.2 South Ibaraki          Source   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français :


New technology of prenatal diagnosis to control down’s syndrome will be introduced in Japan

  National hospitals are timely going to introduce new technology to control human deformation. National Center for Child Health and Development and Showa universal hospital are going to start the


Tepco paid only 30,000 yen for 200 million yen of compensation claim

  Tepco and Japanese government won’t pay anything even though we have cancer. For the compensation of 216,350,000 yen, Tepco only paid 30,000 yen. At the end of June, 15


Noda “Nuclear plant is for national security”

  The truth about nuclear power is getting revealed little by little. In the evening of 7/28/2012, Noda had the dinner meeting with 15 members of the House of Representatives,