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Domestic and global Environment

Protozoon detected in drinking water source of mid Japan “cause unknown”

  A type of protozoon called Cryptosporidium [Link] has been detected from drinking water source since last year in Nagano. It causes parasitic disease but can’t be chlorinated. The environment


Fukushima community pool reopened. “0.79μSv/h” “I’m full of gratitude”

    On 8/18/2012, the community pool in Fukushima city was re-opened after 2 years blank. Because a sewage plant is near the pool, they measure the radiation level of


Numerous loaches found dead in Akita

  Mass death of fish and worms are often observed in Japan recently. (cf. More than 1,000 bonitos found dead in Wakayama western Japan More than 10,000 earthworms found dead


Proliferated sunflower in Yamagata

  Flower in a flower. Mr. Kitamura (71) found proliferated sunflower in his farm early in this month. It is in Asahi machi Yamagata. The sunflower is one of the