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Natural disasters

Possible active fault underneath the center of Tokyo

  The group of researchers found out possible active fault underneath the center of Tokyo. There are numerous buildings and highways above the active fault. The fault has been active


Anti-nuke arson suspect killed himself

  Following up this article..Metropolitan Police Department went cautious about guerilla for Tepco The suspect killed himself in July. After his death, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau sent

Contaminated water crisis

11,400,000 Bq/m3 of cesium leaked again, “metal fatigue of a coupler”

  0.2 m3 of contaminated water leaked again. It contained 11,400,000 Bq/Kg of cesium. It leaked from a coupler part made of stainless steel. They found it broken. It is

Export from Japan Food contamination

Cesium measured from American green nuts

A Japanese supermarket chain, Maruetsu measured cesium from pistachio imported from US. [Link] (cf. Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it) 98% of American pistachio is produced