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Food contamination Sea contamination

[Fishery products] JP Gov banned landlocked salmon from outside of Fukushima

Japanese government is eager to ship marine products, (cf. The young of the sardine from offshore Ibaraki in Pacific ocean will be shipped) but excessive amount of cesium was measured

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

More than 1,000 bonitos found dead in Wakayama western Japan

From 8/7 to 8/8/2012, more than 1,000 bonitos were found dead in Yura cho Wakayama of Western Japan. It happened last year too.   大きな地図で見る The dead bodies of bonitos

Spent Fuel Pools

[Reactor4] Exposure dose to remove the lid of PCV4 was 7.8 timers higher than new fuel from SFP4

Tepco removed the lid of PCV4 on 8/10/2012. It’s supposed to be a part of the entire removal process of spent fuel assemblies in SFP4, but Tepco did not announce


Residential district accumulates radiation

  Radiation is accumulated in city infrastructure. Yokohama city government measured high level of radiation in 8 of 206 stormwater reservoirs for flood control. Yokohama city is the second biggest