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The young of the sardine from offshore Ibaraki in Pacific ocean will be shipped

  Regardless of the fact that neighbor countries ban importing Japanese food and products, local processing countries are going to ship fishery food as of 8/20/2012. (cf. South Korea added

Natural disasters

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima, but not listed in USGS series.

At 18:56 of 8/12/2012 (JST), M4.2 hit Fukushima. However, scale 5- was observed only in Nakadori Fukushima, where is about 55km from Fukushima plant. It was scale 1~ 2 in


Highly contaminated barley and wheat are coming to the market

Two of the most basic ingredients, barley and wheat are highly contaminated and distributed to everyday supermarkets. Though Japanese barley and wheat don’t have price competitive power, we need to check