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Domestic and global Environment

2.2 μSv/h around river-head area in Ibaraki

Juo dam in Ibaraki is one of the most contaminated dam because of Fukushima. (90km from Fukushima plant) This is used to supply drinking water as well. This is the

Export from Japan Sea contamination

South Korea added eel to banned list to import “Now 71 sorts of products are in the banned list”

  Regardless of the marketing effort, more and more Fukushima / Japanese fishery products are rejected by the world. Following up this article..South Korea banned import of additional 35 types


I-131 is still measured from dried sewage sludge in Chiba

Iodine 131 was measured from dried sewage sludge by Chiba prefectural government again. Iodine 131 is the nuclide to cause thyroid cancer or thyroid related disease. You are to take


14 μSv/h from the yellow substance on the roof in Kashiwa Chiba

A Japanese person measured highly contaminated substance on the roof of her house. The house is located in Kashiwa city Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot. (cf. 192.5


[Video] It was 1.2μSv/h in Tokyo May 2011

In May. 2011, Tokyo was significantly contaminated under the total media blackout by the government. The video taken 5/15/2011 shows it was 1.2μSv/h (α+β+γ) on the ground, 0.25μSv/h at 1m