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[Ajisai] Noda to meet the organizer on 8/8/2012

Following up this article..[Ajisai] Noda will meet the organizer of Ajisai protest on 8/3/2012 [Ajisai] Noda didn’t meet the organizer of protest. “Not in the far future” Noda announced he


66 years later, Japan dropped more than 168 Hiroshima atomic bombs on itself (Cs-137 base)

At 8:15 AM 67 years ago, Hiroshima got the first atomic bomb in the world. So far, 280,959 people died. Only within this year, no less than 5,729 people are


19.71 Bq/Kg from Japanese Kellogg’s cereal

Even if you evacuate in Japan, you can’t escape from the supply chain of the food. It’s not only agricultural food to be contaminated, but also processed food is contaminated.


172 packs of Fukushima cucumbers deceptively labelled as from Hokkaido

  The biggest risk to live in Japan is contaminated food. Even if you choose food from western Japan or far north Japan, the label of origin is sometimes false.


192.5 Bq/Kg of cesium from citron in Kashiwa city Chiba

Now that it’s becoming harder and harder to get the uncontaminated food, some people are thinking home-grown food is safe. However, the problem is the contaminated soil. From the food

Food contamination

20,000 Bq/body from a man in Fukushima

  The biggest health risk for Japanese is the accumulation of radiation because of contaminated food. Official radiation measurement is not trust worthy, and they don’t measure all kinds of