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[Ajisai] Noda didn’t meet the organizer of protest. “Not in the far future”

Following up this article..[Ajisai] Noda will meet the organizer of Ajisai protest on 8/3/2012 Noda stated he would meet the organizers of Aijisai protest on 8/3/2012 at the soonest, but


[Debris incineration] Osaka is going to accept debris from Iwate

  Hashimoto, Osaka city mayor in Osaka decided to accept debris from Iwate. 36,000 tones of wood chips will be accepted by 3.2014. They are concerned about the radiation contained


[Ajisai] Sakamoto Ryuichi visited protest

Sakamoto Ryuichi visited the protest. He went there by himself. He commented, he hopes no one to be arrested or cause any problem with police. He expects as many people


[Ajisai] Protest started “Against Tanaka, the new chairman of nuclear regulatory commission”

Ajisai protest on 8/3 has started. Today, they added the new comment to yell, “Jinjian Hantai (≒ Against Tanaka, the candidate for the new chairman of nuclear regulatory commission) (cf. [Ajisai]


[Ajisai] Video of official residence just before the protest

People are already starting to gather in front of official residence. Police is already building the barricade regardless of the protest by 145 lawyers. (cf. [Ajisai] 145 lawyers offered the

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker “If you have heatstroke in Fukushima plant, you’ll be fired”

  Working in the protective clothing is extremely hard and now it’s very hot. However, because of the shortage of nuclear workers, they can’t not even take enough rest not