Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012 – beginning

Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012


Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012 2


I was living alone before 311, but I didn’t cook by myself. Because the gas and electricity were too expensive in my area, buying food at supermarket was so much cheaper. Instead, my kitchen was full of books.
That was hard to throw away a kitchen of books to leave Japan. I took only 2 books with me. I needed them. They are small books written by Paul Arden, this and that.

Those two books are about the importance of being different from everyone. I want to say these changed my life, but probably it’s not correct. I had the same opinion as Paul Arden when I read them for the first time already. When you feel like you already know what is written in the book, it is a good book for you. However, books are always more sophisticated than how I speak.
It is not because you are making the wrong decisions, it’s because you are making the right ones.
We try to make sensible decisions based on the facts in front of us.
The problem with making sensible decisions is that so is everyone else.”

Just after 311, the price of flight tickets rised drastically. On 3/12/2011, the one to USA cost 1 million yen.
However, people started coming back gradually. and started seeking for the reasons to think Tokyo is alright. Everyone made sensible decisions.

When earthquake happened, I was at work. I had to submit something by 4PM of that day, I came to the office at 7:30AM and worked furiously. When I was in the last spart, it happened. 14:46 3/11/2011.
Since I was a child, I had been told to hide under the table when an earthquake happened. but it was a lie. Phone, pen, mouse, PC screen, everything fell off to the floor and bounced like a ball. You’d have your face hit by those things if you are near the floor. Cups, dishes,files, posters, everything fell off. and it went black out.
My whole day work disappeared.
I was alone in the office. My coworkers were surveying land near sea. My parents were somewhere.
When I went out, I saw women crying on the street, traffic was messed up because traffic lights went off. I learnt public bus can rule the streets like elephant in Savannah. Police was not on the street yet. I went to the nearest convenience store because the shop doesn’t have automatic door. It was also dangerous to across the street though it was only 4 or 5m.
The shop staff were my friends and they had a radio. then I heard Tsunami was coming to Sendai. but I did never know it was that massive Tsunami wave.

I actually was at the convenience store to keep my food for the following few days and water. I even thought of buying a lot of water and batteries to sell later.
but my entrepreneurial spirit disappeared. 15 children and their parents came to the shop. Parents went to pick up their children from a near elementary school. The shop became like a shelter.
Kids wanted to go to the toilet but the light was off. I found myself making them wait in the queue and helped the parents.
More and more people came. Inside of the shop was complete dark. Cashers didn’t work without power. I was rushing with other staff to serve customers. I still don’t know why but I was helping them out for volunteer.
However, staying there was a right decision. Because a lot of people came, it became like a information center. Internet still didn’t work. No email. No phone line. Even radio station doesn’t know what happened. but people brought live information. Which area got the power back on, which area is still in black out. JR is stopped. Which ATM is available etc.. I learnt, information matters.
Battery, Onigiri, water, bread, they went out of stock within 30mins, in this order. I bought as little food, water and battery as possible. 16:00. Power was still dead.
I became concerned about my neighbors around the office. The office is on the 3rd floor of a small building. The second floor is a massage shop (for women, by women), and the first floor is a restaurant. I was worried about the staff there.
I went out of the convenience store. The air was yellow. and then, ground waved. Aftershock hit.



  1. I am from Sweden and have read this blog for a while, and i do my best to spread the info about it. It is important all Your info is spread around the globe.

    Thanks for writing this blog ! Keep up Your great work !

  2. Some idiots in the US have been saying many stupid things like “there was no major earthquake”. Thank you for the eye-witness account, you have totally debunked them. I will mark those that say such foolish things and ignore anything they say in the future.

    I will heed your experience and attempt to prepare for a possible 9.0 along the west coast of BC. God is angry, and rightfully so. Automatic doors – i hate those things, always open & close too damn slow! I still cannot think of any safe place to gather as this river valley may suffer liquifaction – if bad enough the mighty Fraser may claim many not living on hillsides. “Even radio station doesn’t know what happened.” That is truly distressing, as most likely rely upon the internet for information including weather! (note to self: pack an AM radio as signals can reach thousands of miles at night)

    Did your coworkers survive? Were buildings from 15 to 22 stories tall most effected, as in Chile?

    1. That’s “affected”, not “effected”, genius.

      — With love from the USA.

  3. wow, Iori… what a day… so many unknown events… sounds like being a little blind, not knowing.

  4. Such a nightmare to think of it again, to share it; but I’m really grateful you did. I hope doing so brings you some peace. I’m amazed by it all, again & again.

  5. Iori, have YOU considered writing a book? I believe it would be very compelling. You are a very good writer with a gift of storytelling.

  6. we know nothing, so it’s one foot in front of the other just as you say. i was thinking today that if i have to go down with the ship, i’m glad i have you guys along with me. thanks for all you do, iori, i read every report and i am a supporter. xoxoxoxox

  7. Don’t throw away your stuff, just sell it on the internet. All of Japan is contaminated with radioactivity so it doesn’t matter anymore. Lots op Japanese won’t leave their country behind and you could make them happy by selling them your old books and stuff and then you have more money for your goal to leave Japan.

    If you have any public transport tickets you want to throw away, please send them to me. I collect public transport tickets and you could make me happy. I am willing to pay you money for the tickets. Sooner or later everybody dies from the radioactivity but I want to enjoy life where I can.

    I live in Holland and I always liked the Japanese Railways, too bad Japan is ruined by the radiation. I wish the Amsterdam subway and the Dutch Railways copies japan so I could enjoy their great trains for the rest of my life instead of the ugly new trains we are getting. Now all is lost.

  8. Hi Iori,

    Just now getting to exploring your Blog…read this post and very curious what Onigiri is..the second thing you listed after batteries.
    If it were here it would probably be cigarettes or alcohol.

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