[NHK] Delayed disclosure at Ohi plant

Following up this article..11,000 people joined demonstration in front of official residence of JP PM

Ohi nuclear plant has not been restarted yet, but Kepco is already starting to manipulate the state of the plant.

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Delayed disclosure at Ohi plant

The operator of the Ohi nuclear power plant says an alarm went off on Tuesday on a water level detector at its No.3 reactor.

The plant in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan will become the first to go back online in Japan since last year’s disaster.

Kansai Electric Power Company said on Wednesday that the alarm suggested the water level had fallen in a tank used to cool an electric power generator at its No.3 reactor.

The firm says workers who examined the tank found no leaks but that the water level was about 5 centimeters lower than usual. The company says it’s investigating the cause of the alarm.

The No.3 reactor is one of 2 being readied for a restart in line with a central government decision on Saturday.

The government has set up a special monitoring system with resident inspectors at the plant to deal promptly with possible accidents and problems.

But the disclosure of Tuesday’s incident came about 13 hours after the alarm went off.

Kansai Electric says it did not make the information public on Tuesday because the incident did not match levels requiring disclosure by law and in-house rules.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency official Yasushi Morishita apologized at a news conference, saying his lapse in judgment caused the delayed disclosure.
Jun. 20, 2012 – Updated 04:18 UTC (13:18 JST)



[NHK] Delayed disclosure at Ohi plant



  1. To stop the construction of a nuclear power point in Plogoff (Brittany, France) we needed several demonstrations (between 50.000 and 150.000 people) and fights with the police during 3 years (1978-1981).

  2. This was a decision, like do “I turn the light on?” but with the stark contrast of the lives of a nation being at stake, it was decided upon after much conferring by those who believe they are of high intellect to make such a decision, you can infer they believed they made the right decision, “correct yes?”, so it can be inferred that they believe they are extremely intelligent and if put on a lie detector, all involved “the yea’s not the nays” would believe they were and ARE still correct, therein lies the problematic fallacy of normal humanity when tasked with such decisions and other instances spread across a wide gamut. “To confer in a group of normal individuals the output will equal this decision for instance”, it can be seen the world over, this is a wonderfully apparent yet tragic demonstration of such theory and the consequenses of that logic apparatus in action.

    1. From before, during and after fukushima, through all corporations and governments of all nations, the commonality is Normality, it is my belief that these people are not socio/psychoopaths, statistically it is not possible, there is a problem with normality and how it operates, it would seem obvious something is rongg.

      1. The problem with your theory is that they were warned and pleaded with well in advance. They knew this could happen and yet they did nothing. They could still do so much more if they brought in help.

        The bottom line here is Mammon worship. That’s what kept them from putting all the fuel into dry casks, and that’s what kept and keeps them evading the costly truth to this very day.

        It’s even easy to believe some sinister conspiracy plot at this point because the whole thing would amount to stupidity on such a level as to make their education and advance in ranks to corporate leadership impossible. It’s an evil selfish form of suicidal neglect that led to Fukushima, at the very least, the attitude that it’s better to make money today and die tomorrow richer as a result of cashing in on a lazy, sloppy gamble on the very life of Japan and the oceans. At worst, oligarchs manipulated mammon worshiping rich underlings to forsake common sense for money so they could use greed to destroy the globe. Only a cult of death worshipers would do that. Could such a rich cult exist? When you already own the world, what is left to conquer with the addicting taste for power? How about life on planet earth itself?

  3. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/nhk-delayed-disclosure-at-ohi-plant/

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [NHK] Révélation retardée d’un incident à la centrale nucléaire de Ohi.
    Par Mochizuki le 20 juin 2012 · 4 Commentaires.

    La centrale de Ohi n’a pas encore redémarré mais Kepco commence déjà à manipuler pour cacher son état réel.

    Révélation retardée d’un incident à la centrale nucléaire de Ohi.

    L’opérateur de la centrale nucléaire de Ohi dit qu’une alarme de détection de niveau d’eau s’est éteinte jeudi dans son réacteur N°3.

    Cette centrale de la préfecture de Fukui, au centre du Japon, va être la première à redémarrer depuis la catastrophe de l’an dernier.

    La société Kansai Electric Power Company a dit mercredi que cette alarme laissait supposer que le niveau d’eau était tombé dans un réservoir servant à refroidir un générateur de son réacteur No.3.

    La firme dit que les techniciens qui ont examiné le réservoir n’ont pas trouvé de fuite mais que le niveau d’eau était environ 5 centimètres plus bas que d’habitude. La compagnie dit rechercher les causes de déclenchement de l’alarme.

    Le réacteur No.3 est l’un des deux en cours de redémarrage suivant la décision de samedi du gouvernement.

    Le gouvernent avait mis en place un système spécial de gestion avec les inspecteurs locaux de la centrale pour réagir rapidement en cas de problème ou d’accident.

    Mais la révélation de l’incident de jeudi n’arrive que 13 heures après le déclenchement de l’alarme.

    Kansai Electric dit ne pas avoir rendue l’information publique mardi parce que l’incident n’atteignait pas les niveaux requis par la loi et le règlement intérieur.

    M. Yasushi Morishita, représentant de la Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) en a présenté ses excuses durant la conférence de presse, disant que ce défaut de jugement est la raison du retard de la révéléation.

    20 juin 2012 – mis à jour à 04:18 UTC (13:18 JST)


  4. So far, I have heard no explanation for *WHY* the water level was low. How can you proceed, when there is an obvious safety problem with no known cause? You didn’t find any leaks? That does not mean there are none.

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