76.96 μSv/h at 200m from Fukushima prefectural office


Following up this article..Fukushima prefectural government resists moving in over 50μSv/h

76.96 μSv/h was measured in the riverbed of Abukuma river in Fukushima city, where is 200m away from Fukushima prefectural office. (62km from Fukushima plants)


76.96 μSv/h at 200m from Fukushima prefectural office


In this area called “Watari” , rain water flows to Abukuma river from this outlet, where 76.96 μSv/h was measured. Highly contaminated mud from Watari area is accumulated at this point, atmospheric dose was 17.37 μSv/h. It was 0.34 μSv/h at other locations of this riverbed.



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  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – 76,96 μSv/h à 200m des bureaux de la préfecture de Fukushima.
    Par Mochizuki le 24 juin 2012.

    76,96 μSv/h ont été mesurés dans le lit du fleuve Abukuma dans la ville de Fukushima en un lieu situé à 200m des bureaux de la préfecture de Fukushima. (62 km des centrales de Fukushima)


    A cet endroit appelé “Watari”, les eaux de pluie rejoignent le fleuve Abukuma par ce déversoir où ces 76,96 μSv/h ont été mesurés. Des boues hautement contaminées se sont accumulées à cet endroit, l’air était à 17,37 μSv/h. On avait 0,34 μSv/h dans d’autres endroits le long du fleuve.


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  7. SP:

    The water sources for Tokyo and other big cities may be highly radioactive after Typhooh Guchol rains. Mountainous regions were the hardest hit, receiving over 6 inches (152 mm).

    Those watersheds that were filled by Guchol runoff will make the surface water worse with the washdown of 15 months of radioactive isotopes in the trees and vegetation of the mountainsides.

    Remember all the big boastful Tepco talk of decontamination by stripping the trees? Of course that was insanity. Decontamination is fairly useless over broad areas. And for the people who think they can wash down their houses…where do you think the water goes? Of course it goes right back into the drinking water and water to irrigate crops.

    Internal poisoning from radioactive food and water is far worse than air toxins. The only hope to maintain non-mutant life in the hot zones will be to build filtered communities with safer buildings and greenhouses to grow foods.

    Those steps could help lengthen the quickly diminishing Japanese lifespans, but I believe barring some kind of massive self-contained bubble city of the future (and there is little money to build such cities) the preferred survival plan for astute Japanese families will be to emigrate out of Japan.

    Tough decision to leave your homeland…the Irish lost 20% of their population to death and emigration mainly to America and Australia during the decade of the Great Potato Famine (1841-1851). 1 million died and 1 million emigrated resulting in a drop of their population from 8 million to 6 million in slightly over a decade.

    If a similar percentage occurs in Japan 13 million would die prematurely in this decade and 13 million emigrate. The population of Japan could fall to less than 100 million by 2020. I don’t think that is a wild prediction by any means.

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