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Core removing struggle

Endoscope operation at reactor1 “Suppression chamber is broken, flooded water is hotter than PCV”

Related to this article..Tepco is planning the first endoscope operation to reactor1 On 6/26/2012, Tepco conducted endoscope operation in torus room of reactor1. Endoscope was inserted from the through-hole (5cm

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor4 foundation is so soft that they need soil stabilization

Following up this article..Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4 On 6/26/2012, Tepco published the latest pictures of Fukushima plants. The series of photos included the picture of when they were

Spent Fuel Pools

Typhoon06 generated offshore Philippines

Following up this article..[Now] Typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima Typhoon06 came up offshore Philippines. It is not known if it hits Japan yet.     Source     Iori Mochizuki


Plutonium measured from marine products fished offshore Fukushima

Following up this article..Fukushima is going to start selling marine products Plutonium 239+240 were measured from fish samples taken on 6/21/2011. They were preserved being frozen. Analysis was done by