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Spent Fuel Pools

[Reactor4] Explosive shock was detected before the explosion

  Following up this article..Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011 Though Tepco states the explosion of reactor4 happened at 6:14 3/15/2011, explosive shock was detected at


76.96 μSv/h at 200m from Fukushima prefectural office

  Following up this article..Fukushima prefectural government resists moving in over 50μSv/h 76.96 μSv/h was measured in the riverbed of Abukuma river in Fukushima city, where is 200m away from


Holes on the duct of reactor3. Tepco “fixed it with tape.”

  Following up this article..Fukushima worker “The warranty period of the parts for coolant system is 1 year.” The duct of reactor3 PCV gas control system got 8 holes, Tepco


[LA times]Japan to restart nuclear reactors despite widespread fear

Following up this article..[Hydrangea revolution] 45,000 joined demonstration against the restart of Ohi nuclear plant <Quote> [LA times] In a nation deeply scarred by nuclear disaster in both its military


15% of pregnant woman in Fukushima suffer from depression

  15% of the women who were pregnant in 311 or had a birth after 311 in Fukushima are suffering from depression. Health management division of Fukushima prefecture conducted the