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White feathered sparrow in Chiba

Following up this article..Silence coming to Fukushima The sparrow with white feathered head and tail was found in Chiba. It’s living in the entrance of Narita seiryo high school Narita


Half of the villagers of Iidate mura don’t have intention to go back

  All of the villagers evacuated Iidate mura Fukushima. Villager’s organization to hope for permanent moving from Iidate mura surveyed their intention to go back to the village. The questionnaires


1 Sv/y at the border of Fukushima plant area

      From 4/1/2011 to 3/31/2012, the yearly dosage at the boarder of Fukushima plant area is 956 mSv. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency answered to the question

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco rejected covering reactor 4 with stone coffin for financial matter

      Mabuchi, former minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism stated he suggested building sarcophagus for reactor 4 to have Tepco refuse it. Nuclear accident investigation committee interviewed


7.22 million signatures against nuclear power

<Quote> [Asahi] Oe speaks at anti-nuclear rally to gather 10 million signatures   By LOUIS TEMPLADO/ AJW Staff Writer More than a year after the reactors first melted down, the