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Domestic and global Environment

Water contamination reached west Kanagawa

  100 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from largemouth bass on 5/26/2012. The bass was taken from Ashinoko lake (300km from Fukushima plant) in west Kanagawa. Kanagawa prefectural government assumes


Tohoku university measures effectiveness of decontamination by using children

  Researching group of Tohoku University graduate school is going to measure the total dosage of children for 4 years to check the effectiveness of decontamination. In Marumori machi, where

Sea contamination

Reactor 4 lost most of the wall on sea side

Pictures of reactor 4 from South East side. It lost most of the wall on sea side.     Source 1 2     Iori Mochizuki


My Facebook account was disabled

  Following up this article..Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment I was purged. I had my facebook account disabled without any warning in advance. I posted “A director

Natural disasters

M5.2 hit Tokyo

M5.2 hit Tokyo at 17:48 6/1/2012. Scale 3~4 at many locations in Tokyo and Yokohama. The epicenter is South Ibaraki, 50km deep underground.           Source