Thermometers of reactor 2 indicate abnormal transition of temperature

Following up this article..Possible recriticality in reactor2

From the evening of 5/28/2012 (JST), 4 thermometers of reactor 2 have been showing abnormal temperature transition.

Tepco states recriticality is not going on, and the transition is random, probably those thermometers are out of order again.

However, 2 of them are about supply air D/W (O.P. (Onahama peil)= 12.150m), 2 are about return air drywell (O.P. = 10.750m)

and the thermometers of each pair show the same trend.


Thermometers of reactor 2 indicate abnormal transition of temperature


Thermometers of reactor 2 indicate abnormal transition of temperature2


Positions of the thermometers.

Thermometers of reactor 2 indicate abnormal transition of temperature3


Though the trends are becoming stable, it is not known what happened in PCV, but those 2 pairs of the thermometers are beside the pedestal, where Tepco assumes the nuclear fuel remains.


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Les thermomètres du réacteur 2 indiquent une variation anormale des températures.
    Par Mochizuki le 30 mai 2012.

    Dans la soirée du 28 mai 2012 (JST), 4 thermomètres du réacteur 2 ont affiché une variation anormale des températures.

    Tepco affirme qu’une reprise de la criticité n’est pas en cours et que cette anomalie est accidentelle, sans doute parce que ces thermomètres sont à nouveau en panne.

    Toutefois, deux d’entre eux sont sur l’alimentation en air D/W (O.P. (Onahama peil)= 12,150m), 2 sont près du retour d’air drywell (O.P. = 10,750m)

    et les thermomètres de chaque paire suivent la même courbe.

    Graphique 1


    Position des thermomètres :

    Schéma et tableau

    Bien que les courbes semblent se stabiliser, on ne sait pas ce qui s’est passé dans la chambre de confinement (PCV) mais ces deux paires de thermomètres sont à côté du piédestal où Tepco affirme que le combustible nucléaire est resté.

    1. I enjoyed your article. Especially about the smiling and the positive chi energy. I practice this all the time and many many people ask me how can I smile all the time? How do I do it? Even when I have had difficult times in my life, I still found myself smiling. Positive chi does have a healing affect on the body. Chi can heal a person physcially and emotionally. A person first has to believe in chi and positive thinking before this can happen. How sad to hear about suicide in Japan. Very, very sad. Such proud people of honor, values and beliefs. Must be difficult to have had a lot of trust in ones government and then disheartened by ones government.

      Trees are filters of the air we breath. A good idea! People have to become self thinkers and learn as much as possible about how to survive nuclear fall out. I believe when nuclear power is utilized, a plan of action should be formulated in case of a melt down and fall out. I am amazed with the clean up and handeling of this disaster and how poor the plans have been. I always thought of Japan as a country that had great technology and very well educated business people. I am beside myself with TEPCO and the Japan government with little response to help their people. No disrespect intended, I am just suprised and wonder why??? Isn’t their any place on this earth for the people of Japan and Tokyo to re-locate to? What would the United States of done if this had happened to us here in the U.S.A.

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