Tepco raises salary

Following up this article..Former president of Tepco, Shimizu got the golden parachute

Tepco is going to raise their salary from 2013 by 460,000 JPY.

Tepco is planning to raise electrical charges by 10.28% from this August, but they are going to pay their employees “bonus”, which is 500,000JPY at average for this winter.
To avoid criticism, Tepco will start annual salary system from 2013 instead of bonus system.
However, they are going to raise the annual salary by 460,000 JPY when they shift to annual salary system. It’s higher than the average of companies with more than 1,000 employees by 280,000 JPY.

Before 311, the average annual salary of Tepco was about 7 million JPY for some reason. After 311, they reduced it by 20 ~ 25 %. Tepco stopped paying bonus for this summer, the average annual salary of 2012 is about 5,250,000 JPY. After they successfully raise the electrical charges, they are starting to raise their salary again.

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