Tepco is going to attach a freezing machine to water circulation system



Following up this article..Tepco plans to increase water injection of reactor 3

Tepco is going to increase the amount of water to inject only for reactor 3.
It is because the coolant water is heated for summer, but it suggests the situation of reactor 3 is more severe than other 2 reactors.

In the daily press conference of 5/28/2012, Tepco announced that they are going to attach a freezing machine to the water circulation system.
Specifically, it will be attached to the facility called buffer tank located after desalination equipment and cesium removal system.

Tepco estimates they can keep the temperature of each reactor under 65 ℃, which is 15 ℃ lower than the safety limit regulated by Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.
However, there was no explanation that how much the temperature would be if they don’t rely on the freezing machine.


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