Pink flash in Fukushima live camera

Pink flash in Fukushima live camera


Pink flash was caught in Fukushima live camera. It was at 23:07  5/17/2012.

Lightning hazard was given out. It might have been a “pink” lightning.



  1. Pink on webcam systems is usually caused by overload. Very bright white light comes out as magenta where a YUV compression codec is in the transmission chain (YUV is used in television & CCTV rather than RGB because it degrades less and compresses better). Similarly dark green is produced by clipping a very dark black signal. Normally these artefacts can’t be seen as the transmission chain is managed to a good technical standard. Cheap webcams and transmission chains don’t deal with the clipping hence the spectrum:

    Black – dark colours – colours – bright colours – white

    comes over as

    Dark green – black – grey – colours – bright colours – white – magenta.

    So an overcast of magenta corresponds to an extremely bright white cast.

    I’m not giving this as a definitive explanation of this incident but it *is* a known process and should be taken into consideration.


    1. Nahh, why take something logical into consideration. Better add it to the list of useless conspiracy theories

  2. Please note the white values of the flare center coming from artificial lighting. That is 100% IRE clipping video, and stays the exact same value during the “pink flash”. Note the position of the reflections on the foreground piping; the pink illuminates the piping along the top surface, implying a skyward source. However, the bright white almost clipping (or a small protion IS clipping) wall of the structures also remains the same RGB/Y(luminance)UV(chroma) color value. This is not a video processing artifact, despite the plausible sounding explanation. All video elements have to be considered carefully as a whole!

  3. Damn!!!I must put that one on my flash drive.
    It’s not getting better there huh?

  4. Well if it’s not what is suggested here, and if it keeps up, it might be earthquake lights. So pray more.

    Watch all the other lightning flashes as the storm approaches. This isn’t just one….

    We must also take into consideration the crap quality of this cam, its burned out central driver which causes that big horizontal stripe and the other anomalies is this horrible example of an industrial camera of the most important acre on the planet. What I don’t understand is the total lack of professional news video recording this event every second for the next 200 years. The video of the plant finally going up would be the Video Of The Century for any newsroom on the planet. There should be massive arrays of cameras over an entire range of angles and closeups, not one trashed TEPCOcam and something JNN/TBS got out of the attic the corporation felt it wouldn’t miss if it lost it on a mountain 30 miles away.

    All part of the deception, criminal lack of concern and news blackout…worldwide.

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