Namie machi bans reporting inside of the hazard area


Namie machi in Hazard area bans internet streaming from the inside of the hazard area and taking mass media into the area.

Japanese government ordered to cull cattle inside of the hazard area last year, but Mr. Yoshizawa, an owner of the farm is still keeping 300 cattle.
Since last August, he was streaming the situation of his farm on the internet, but Namie machi started giving him the entering permission for the condition of banning publishing the situation on the internet and taking mass media into the zone. When he does it, he needs permission from Namie machi.

Namie machi local government states, it’s not the town, it’s Local nuclear disaster headquarters to have made the decision.

Lawyers of Mr. Yoshizawa protest against it to comment it’s nothing but the government’s censorship restricted by Japanese constitution.
時事通信 5月17日(木)19時4分配信
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