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Dr. Helen Caldicott interviews Arnold Gundersen

This week, Dr. Helen Caldicott talks with nuclear energy consultant Arnold Gundersen from Fairewinds Associates for another update about the ongoing situation at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in


Settlement report 5/19/2012

Donation : 120.50USD Expense : 0.00USD Left in hat : 120.50USD   Goal : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 840.50 USD To go : 1,159.5USD

Spent Fuel Pools

Crack on reactor 4 building

Following up this article..Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4 A crack on concrete of reactor 4 building has been observed since last July. It’s assumed to be from the first


The fact that high level of radiation causes multiple-headed plants

Following up this article..Double-headed flowers From 1987 to 2003, it has been experimented to cause plants mutation by radiation at Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural Research Center. The purpose was to produce new


Fasciated chrysanth in Fukuoka

Following up this article..Double-headed worm in Miyagi Fasciated chrysanth was found in Kitakyushu city Fukuoka. The scientific name is Senecio integrifolius subsp.       大きな地図で見る ↓ Normal type Source Iori Mochizuki


Double-headed worm in Miyagi

Following up this article..Double-headed flowers Double-headed worm was found in Natori city Miyagi. It was in the street gutter.     大きな地図で見る Source Iori Mochizuki


JP gov is going to send disaster debris to USA

TBS reported Japanese government is planning to send disaster debris to Pagan Island of Saipan, USA.   大きな地図で見る The amount is 10 million tones from Ishinomaki city Miyagi. Because there