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There are some rooms in reactor 3, which Tepco can not disclose

On the daily press conference, Tepco stated there are some doors and rooms in reactor3, which Tepco can not disclose. It was mentioned in the Q&A section between a freelance


How they used to stock 100Bq/kg of radioactive waste

Before 311, radioactive waste to contain over 100 Bq/kg of cesium was stocked like this on the picture. Now 100Bq/kg is the safety limit of food.    Source   Iori


Mutated canola in Noda city Chiba

Related to this article..Mutated dandelions in Funabashi Chiba   千葉県野田市の江戸川沿いに奇形植物が沢山はえてる3メートル間隔ぐらいで異様な姿… — ムギ君 (@kohejamira) May 10, 2012 <Translate> Mutated plants grow every 3 meters along Edogawa river in Noda city


Minamisoma is 122 times more contaminated than mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus

Mr. Oyama, a Minamisoma city councilor measured cesium 134 / 137 of the soil of Minamisoma city. 南相馬市議会議員の大山こういち氏が南相馬市内の土からセシウム134、137を検出しました。 The analysis was done by a laboratory of Minamisoma local government. 分析は市の研究所によって行われました。

Natural disasters

30km of active fault underneath Mt. Fuji

Following up this article..New crater appeared on Mt.Fuji Investigation of underground structure by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Earthquake Research Institute of Tokyo University suggested that


Mutated dandelions in Funabashi Chiba

Following up this article..Mutated dandelion in Setagaya Tokyo Dandelions in plural.   @tokaiama 船橋でもタンポポが異常に大きくなっています。こんなの今まで見たことありません。… — @タキザワエイスケ (@chinnasan) May 9, 2012 <Translate> Dandelions are becoming unusually huge in Funabashi Chiba