Settlement report 4/8/2012

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For some people, I’m reaper. I always bring bad news. I’m more hated than you ever think.

Sometimes I think, what am I doing ?! Where the hell am I going ?

but one of my friends nearly had a heart stroke yesterday. ( Luckily, he is alive. ) He was in Fukushima when reactor 1 exploded.  I was ensured that I was right.

I should even try it harder.

Today I posted “Hirano reconstruction minister suggests to set uninhabited area around Fukushima plants [Link]” Obviously it’s too late. Japanese government will admit they HAD to evacuate all the Japanese when it’s already too late. I’m happy to have evacuated.


My friend’s news reminded me of that I had pain in my “chest” when I was in Japan too. I had it since about October.

Because of my work, I had to go to construction areas and even had to touch soil for 2 or 3 times a week though I always wore masks. I thought that was just muscle pain, worked out too much or something. However, I haven’t had the pain since I evacuated though I work out the same amount everyday. That was the heart.

2 days before my grandmother died, the hospital moved her bed so they can easily carry her dead body. and she died of overdose of morphine. I learnt I should never trust the authority. That might be the last gift of my grandmother.







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7 Responses to “Settlement report 4/8/2012”

  1. amy says:

    you are courageous , you see the emperor has no cloths lol and are not afraid to say so , truth sets the mind free to heal worry doubt and fear causes illness it makes the stomach produce acid that makes every thing in the body not work right you are a healer of sorts believe in what you do and stand proud you are a light house in a storm

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother being killed by her caregivers. In the USA the elderly have been known to be killed like that, too. I’m not going so far as to say its common, but I’ve heard of it. Very upsetting, they had no right. :(

    And as for you handling the soil, I had no idea! That’s awful. I’m sorry about your friends heart problems, but I’m glad he lived another day to talk to you. You are so totally right for doing what you do. Keep it up. I do think that we will find a solution to this problem, although it will be a miracle at the last minute, I’m sure, since humanity seems to have proven that we are in over our heads…. again.

    Also, thanks to the other Fukushima Diary supporters. It makes me so happy to see you helping Lori with me. If he can keep up what he’s doing we will all be better off for it. The whole world hangs in the balance over this crisis.

  3. pat b says:

    You have great courage.

    It is easy for people to stand with the masses even as the waters are rising up around them.

    You had the courage to walk away, to stand alone, to let reason guide you not conformity.

    All those who stay are dying, if they all stay the Japanese will become an endangered species.

    I was one of those encouraging you to leave even sooner, just give your turtles to a friend, and
    abandon everything.

    I expect death from heart disease and vascular disease will continue to increase.

    I am so sorry.

  4. VaL says:

    Sorry to hear about your health and your grandmother.

    Not many people know this fact but…
    Many old people die of morphine overdose in the USA. We don’t legally allow euthanasia but the hospice nurses often give incrementally larger doses of morphine to the people that are dying of old age by saying it comforts them but it actually is a slow way to euthanize. It shuts down the digestive tract. I had a back injury that required large doses of morphine years back and it really messes up your body even if it is great for pain.
    Most old people dying of natural causes do not have pain, death is a natural process. Morphine only helps to keep them sedated and manageable but it does hurry death at the large doses they administer.

    You sound like you loved your Grandmother, that is good. The world is crazy now and my mother died in ’96, I am sad but also relieved that she has not been witness to how crazy and messed up the world has become. Your Grandmother will no longer have to witness how sad and crazy this world is going to become. In a way that is good.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Anon says:

    I echo above … my condolences for your loss. Yes, here in the US they are practicing euthanasia (without calling it that, or asking if that is what you want) with high morphine doses. I found out that the average number of days for a hospice bed (for those who are sick who wish to remain home) is only three days. When my dad was sick, he worked friday (climbing ladders) and was dead by monday because the hospice nurse had my sister give him morphine EVERY hour … high doses make breathing too shallow and hasten death … but the fact that health professionals are having the FAMILY administer the fatal dose is so wrong. Criminal. They call it “palliative” care … if you hear that term, it means drugging you to your death (it means pain management, not cure).

  6. KA says:

    “Japanese government will admit they HAD to evacuate all the Japanese when it’s already too late. I’m happy to have evacuated.”

    Let me remind you Divine Messages that recommended URGENTLY to evacuate IMMEDIATELY !
    Please read these Messages on

    Divine Messages went to the Japanese Government ; find out yourself :

    What else can the Other World do for Man ?
    Blessings to all readers !

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