Radiation over scale in Katsushika Tokyo

Too radioactive to measure.

Dosemeter of Horiba indicated over scale (Over 9.99μSv/h) in Katsushika Tokyo. Measured on 4/5/2012.



  1. I think this was a bug, if it went off scale, i would expect a different reading…

    However, if you stand off 1 Meter and the scale comes down, then it’s accurate.

  2. You stay you die, understand.
    There is nuclear material, mox, plutonium, bomb grade highly radioactive, high emmisivity material everywhere. You stay, you eat, breathe, drink, bathe in it, let me be clear, you cannot do that and live. That is the truth and it cannot be dismissed or discounted. Listen, understand, mitigate “leave” andf live, if not then you will DIE PERIOD.

  3. What good are ears and eyes if they are of no use to you?
    Is your life also no use to you?
    What about others lives?
    I speak truth, you are in trouble Japan, now more than ever, there is only ONE way TO LIVE, LEAVE!

  4. 諜報員

  5. What could have been Japans finest moment in action to solve Fukushima, has now become the Worlds Worst …

  6. I started reading your articles 2 weeks ago, and I have done my own research online, for better insights into the incident and aftermath. But I am very very very confused with all the radiation measurement units.

    Can you please post a sticky post so everyone reading your site can refer to the conversions easily?

    Thanks, I am sure that will really impact the readers.

    Please take care.

      1. Yes, and recommended limits by UN or Japanese govt.

        We just don’t understand how much 3000 Bq is, and how dangerous that is.

        Actually at the time of 311, even News Agency all over the world don’t know how to grasp the idea of radiation measurement, and most of them did not explain much to the public. Then later of course to avoid mass panic, they didn’t delve into the a public explanation of measurement units.

        Thanks I am sure a lot of ppl and readers will benefit from having a sidebar or something that keeps them in reference.

        Keep up your work!

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