NRC’s Operation Center Fukushima Transcript Audio Clips March 16 2011

This is a very important initial evidence about what happend in Fukushima.

Day 6.

More on here.


  1. I hope someone really transcribes (puts into written text) these recordings (which is what they actually are) because for me, not being my first language English, it’s a bit difficult to follow with enough attention in sound form for the duration of the tape, which is also a bit noisy.

    1. @ Maju

      Here is a link to transcripts of the NRC recordings. I’m not sure if the context of the tape provided here on Fukushima Diary is on these transcripts but it may be you just have to find it. I don’t have the time to look right now.

  2. …then you know what if if it does then we’d end up with.. ah… molten core then you then you talk about the time for the concrete you know to disassociate it… you know that new reg (?) says it’s couple of inches an hour .. um… you know.. of course that mark 1 containment is the worst one of all the containments we have… and it’s literally.. you know that new reg (?) tells you if there’s a station black out you’re going to lose containment. There’s no doubt it

    They are looking for insight, guidance recommendations for the NRC… for all 4 spent fuel pools for the aah Daichii site… They believe aaah… Unit 1 and 2 is boiling down and unit 3 and 4… aah is having you know … zirc.. aah… water reaction, they believe there is no… essentially… no wall on um… Unit 3… the aah.. the explosion.. I’m sorry I’m sorry unit 4.. the explosion.. aaah… leveled the wall, leveled the structure… aah… for the unit 4 central pool… all the way down to… the ? level to the bottom of the fuel… so there is no water in there whatsoever…

    This going to progress to the point at which we probably have.. we.. I think have to assume at this point that we’re going to have 3 reactors, out of control and possibly up to 6 spent fuel pools.. (agreed) I think we need to take what ever actions are necessary to deal with that. That is the message I think we need to deliver to the ambassador as soon as possible if that involves the general evacuation of US citizens we need to we need to instruct that to be done immediately – does anyone disagree with that.

    Chairman this is admiral Donnell of naval reactors I agree with you.

    For your background other… other countries… I I think right now what we’re talking about is the status of US personnel in japan er not necessarily you know evacuations outside of of round the facility etc if we still that 50 miles is the appropriate distance then we can also have that as a message but I think there’s broader US personnel issues that need to be addressed.

    Yeah Chairman this is… ? … if this happened in the US we’d we’d go up to 50 miles that would be our evacuation recommendation.

    What do you see now as the worst scenario as what the impact could be on Japan.

    At this point I would feel the worse scenario probably being aah.. 3 reactors having ah… eventually… aah.. for like of a better term… a meltdown.. so the… the reactors would likely eventually breach primary containment and have some type of release again it’s difficult to predict the magnitude of that release coupled with potentially up to 6 sfp aah in a degraded position possibly with spent fuel pool fires. Those are all significant events.

    …progressed to at least 2 reactors multiple sfp maybe 4 reactors and 4 sfp so you know.. ah.. you know that condition has changed

    yeah I mean clarity on that is our understanding is the the fourth reactor has been defuelled so it inside fuel pool

    yeah then they’d have lost geometry on that

    Combine that with number 2.. chance to talk.. that is that um… Our recommendations are based upon the conditions at the time and the actions we thought the Japanese .. hasn’t worked…hasn’t been augmented in anyway.. conditions have got worse.. we’ve had to change our recommendations

    Let me interupt… the change in ? recommendations… I thought was to… integrity of the unit 4 spent fuel pool

    Our understanding of the unit 4 spent fuel pool is that it has been destroyed on the side such that it will get no water above the bottom of the active fuel in effect the sides of the reatcor building are gone whereas before the explosion went upwards and took the top the pictures lead us to believe the sides are gone

    Greg so it’s is causing us to change our recommendations for protective action

    The unit 3 one had the metal water reaction going and the unit 1s and 2s were boiling

    This is Chuck I think the other part of that is we did not see any mitigation of the events and we would just take all the sfp and probably all the four reactors to the final conclusion because we’ve not seen… you know… we’ve not seen any mitigation… we gotta assume it’s going to the final conclusion.

    I couldn’t understand the chairman’s focus on unit 2 unless I was misunderstanding what conversation was going on.

    Rascal runs… a couple of rascal runs done… unit 4 was ? by the unit 2 meltdown.. more focus on unit 2

    I just wanna make sure that no-one takes anything… life is going to be a lot better

    No… no… we got 1, 3 and 4 maybe… This is likely to go to 4 thorugh the you know the spent fuel pool lost

    that uncertainty change any of our views on the recommendation?

    No… not from 50 miles.

    The point number 4… You know what the number 4 point is?

    Yeah I’m looking at it.. based not necessarily on radioactive dose alone.

    So you’re saying you’re still comfortable with number 4?



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